School of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Capital Medical University

The school of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), established in 1978 and the former is a branch of Beijing college of TCM. It is ever affiliated to Beijing Union University to run the school independently in 1986, is the only Beijing municipality school that has cultivated more than 3000 senior TCM professionals and trained over 2000 staffs on the job for Beijing in the past 30 years, among which some have become the backbone in TCM industry. In 2002, this school amalgamated with Capital Medical University and became its secondary college.

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At present, the school has three administrative structures,three teaching institutions.There are 5 teaching groups of TCM basic science.There are 4 teaching groups of traditional Chinese pharmaceutics science, clinical Chinese Pharmacy science, Chinese medicinal chemistry and resources science of Chinese medicinal materials. The School has also an institute of TCM of Capital Medical University, in which sets up the research centre of metabolic diseases with TCM, the research centre of brain diseases with TCM, the research centre of liver disease and research and development center of Chinese medicines. The prevention and treatment in clinical and basic researches of major diseases were carried out and the new Chinese medicines were researched and developed.

The school leadership is composed of five members. It focuses on strengthening the capacity of leading independently the school construction and development in leadership building, the level of management has improved continuously, The school established a series of rules and regulations of leadership thought, organization, style, building, adhered to Party jointly with administration and democratic centralism; adhered to collective leadership, collective resolution to maintain unity and solidarity; performed official duties honestly, standardized the conduct with the Party’s system and discipline. There are 70 faculty members in the school of TCM, among them, there are 53 full-time instructors, professors and associate professors account for 60%, the teachers with doctorate degree are up to 43%.

Campus Address: 11 Bei San Huan Dong Lu, Beijing 100730 China.

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