Sanquan College of Xinxiang Medical University

Xinxiang Medical College Sanquan College is the only medical independent college in Henan Province. College of adhering to the “comprehensive adaptation to social needs, the full implementation of quality education, and comprehensively cultivate medical excellence,” the guiding ideology of running schools, highlighting the school characteristics, has gradually become a medicine as the main body, literature, science, engineering, management and other disciplines coordinated development, Distinctive characteristics, highlight the advantages of the new institutions of higher learning.

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College is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, covering 1,500 acres, elegant architecture, the environment clean and beautiful, Henan Province, Xinxiang City awarded the “garden unit” title. At present, more than 16,400students. College modern student apartment facilities, campus network coverage, for students to provide quality management services.

College teaching, advanced laboratory equipment. Teaching and research equipment worth more than 100 million yuan, the subjects of experimental (training) room 23 , the province and outside the practice of teaching base 89 , for students to build practical ability to cultivate an excellent platform. Oral medicine technology, optometry technology, medical beauty technology and other laboratories for the province first-class, digital interactive medical morphology laboratory in the province’s largest. China’s first and the depth of medical cooperation, will soon be built in Norway (China) International Nursing Training Center, an area of 5,000 square meters, the province’s largest, most advanced equipment training center.

College teachers are strong. There are 882 full-time teachers , of which 43% of the deputy senior , 78% above master’s degree .

Our hospital has a national junior college students for the scholarship (per student per year 8000 dollars), national motivational scholarships (per student per year 5000 dollars), state grants (per student per year 3000 dollars), a comprehensive college scholarship (first class per student per year 1500 Yuan , Second-class 1,000 yuan per student per year , three per year per year 600 yuan) and other types of scholarships at all levels, students can participate in assessment after one year. The total coverage of the scholarships is nearly 40% and the winners are nearly 4,000.

The number and quality of students are increasing year by year. For five consecutive years, the school science undergraduate admission scores ranked first in the province of similar institutions, liberal arts entry line in the forefront of similar institutions, new students reported higher than the overall rate of the two institutions. In 2015 , our college undergraduate first volunteer on-line rate of science and technology 171.4 %, liberal arts 123.2 %; science admission line 435, beyond the provincial control line 52 points; liberal arts admission line 408, beyond the provincial control line 11 points. Admission of two points above the new line of nearly a thousand people, in the same institutions in the lead.

In recent years, the college won the “Henan Province, college graduates employment outstanding units”, “Henan most employment competitiveness demonstration institutions” honorary title.

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