Academy of Military Medical Sciences Faculty of Medicine

The Academy of Military Medical Sciences is a Chinese military medical research institute.Established in 1951 as China’s second academy of sciences, the Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS) has developed beyond its military heritage to become one of the country’s leading centres for medical science.

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With research spanning a range of medical fields from basic and clinical medicine to chemistry and medical technology, for both military and civilian applications, and a string of achievements that have resonated around the globe, the AMMS’ star is still very much on the rise. It has been based in Beijing since 1958.

In October 2011 the drug “Night Eagle”, developed to help soldiers cope with sleep deprivation during missions, was unveiled in an exhibition marking the institute’s 60th anniversary.In December 2014, the Chinese government announced that the Academy of Military Medical Sciences had developed an Ebola virus vaccine candidate that had been approved for clinical trials.

The AMMS has an advanced academic system that includes 25 doctoral programs and 33 master’s programs in science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and military science. Its two major research centres,the Toxicology Analysis Center and the Beijing Proteome Research Center, both play key roles in international medical research-the former acting as a designated laboratory for non-pro-liferation research under the UN’s Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), and the latter being the executive headquarters of the international Human Liver Proteome Project (HLPP). AMMS president Fuchu He is director of the HLPP and is the first Chinese national to head an international research program on such a large scale.

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