Why China

Why MBBS from China

Studying MBBS is a dream for most of the students in India reasons are: – Name, Fame and Money. Medical Education is one of the most expensive field of Education within the entire world. China, in recent years become one of the preferred destinations of Indian Students for pursuing MBBS course mainly due to the convenience of admission and provides amazingly top education at very affordable prices especially for Indian Students.

Why China (10 Reasons)

  1. No Donation or Capitation Fees Required – Private Medical colleges in India have huge amount of donation or capitation fee. MBBS colleges in China have no donation or capitation fee and the tuition fees is very low.
  2. Low Cost – As universities are government owned and it is a part of huge infrastructure, cost of education is less, living cost is also less as most of the universities has within campus hostel facilities. Education loan is also available for MBBS in China.
  3. Easy Admission Process – The admission procedure is also quite easy for MBBS in China. This is one of the major reasons students opt to study MBBS in China. No entrance test requirement to get the admission and the admission is done only on the basis of 12th Marks.
  4. Safety, Security & Well Disciplined – As it is a government university in Communist country, so they are well disciplined and clear with their academic policies, which makes China preferred destination for quality education.
  5. Best Technology – China is known for quality and technology based education and universities in china are top ranked and have best infrastructure in the world.
  6. Less Duration – In China you can finish your degree of 5 years and students can choose to do the internship/training in China, their home country or any other country. most of other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Romania and Other European Countries has 6 years course.
  7. MCI, WHO Approved Medical Universities – Many Universities of China are mentioned on MCI’s official website, means these are the suggested universities by Chinese government and Medical council of India. All medical universities in china are Government owned.
  8. Quality Hospitals for Internship – The numbers of quality hospitals in China are quite high. As a result, it gives several opportunities to the medical students to practice their internship programs in these hospitals.
  9. International Exposure – Students will get an international exposure studying in the medical colleges in China.
  10. Plenty of quality hospitals for Internship.

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