Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine

Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1952 in Xi’an in the northwest of Chinese medicine training school, in 1959 upgraded to Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in 1961 moved to the ancient capital of Xianyang, Shaanxi is the only one to cultivate high-level Chinese medicine talents of ordinary institutions of higher learning, is the 1978 Central Committee Document No. 56 to determine the country’s eight key construction of Chinese medicine institutions, in 1978 to recruit a master’s degree graduate, in 1981 to become the first batch of graduate students granted in 1990 , approved by the Ministry of Education for the first batch of Conditions to receive foreign students, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students of institutions of higher learning, in2015 changed its name to Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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After more than 60 years of construction and development, Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has become a medical professional as the main body, medical, rational, industrial, text, multi-disciplinary professional support each other, cross fusion of medical institutions.

The School of International Education is an administrative organ with the responsibility of enrolment and management of teaching & living for foreign students. The  School of International Education is in charge of the undergraduate  program ,graudate program and short-term program for foreign  students on different specialties.

The school covers an area of 796675.3 m 2 , there are South ( new campus ) , north two campuses. Existing 13 additional teaching College (Department of the Ministry); there are 2 directly affiliated hospitals, 18 Suo non-affiliated hospitals, while Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory and Shaanxi History Museum.

The school has 2650 people (including two affiliated hospitals ), 739 full-time teachers , including 426 titles or more titles ; 219 master’s degree tutor , part-time doctoral tutor 16 , postdoctoral tutor 2 . The school has Zhang Xuewen, Guo Chengjie 2 “National Medical Master”, the national Chinese medicine teaching teacher 2, have to enjoy the special government allowances experts, Shaanxi Province has outstanding contributions to experts 19 , national and provincial experts in Chinese medicine academic succession project 43 teachers , the national outstanding teachers, the provincial teaching teacher, the provincial outstanding teachers, provincial teachers, provincial teachers advanced individual, provincial “three five” talent 21 people , Shaanxi province old Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine 32people, provincial Level excellent teaching team 10 , formed a strong professionalism, high academic level, teaching experience of the teachers.

Campus Address: Shiji Ave, Xian Yang 712046 Shaanxi China.

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