Nantong Medical College

Nantong University is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, which is a coastal open city named “Jianghai Pearl” and “China’s first modern city”. It is a comprehensive university built by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Ministry of Transport. The history of the school can be traced back to the famous modern industrialist, educator Mr. Zhang Jian in 1912 founded the private Nantong Medical College and Nantong Textile College. In 2004, the original Nantong Medical College, Nantong Institute of Technology, Nantong Normal College three schools merged to form a new Nantong University. After more than a century of school history, Nantong University has now become a scale structure reasonable, complete disciplines, excellent teaching quality, effective learning of local comprehensive university.

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The school has four campuses, 23 secondary colleges, an independent college and a large comprehensive three-level affiliated hospital, with 100 undergraduate programs, covering literature, science, engineering, medicine, art, economics , Law, education, history, management and other 10 disciplines. The school always adhere to the center of personnel training, comprehensively deepen the reform of education and teaching, in 2007 with outstanding achievements through the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching level assessment. The school has the national characteristics of professional, the Ministry of Education of the first batch of undergraduate professional comprehensive reform pilot, Jiangsu province brand professional, Jiangsu province specialty, Jiangsu province key professional (class), as well as national teaching team, national teaching achievement award, national excellent course , National boutique resource sharing class, national boutique teaching materials, national experimental teaching demonstration center, national virtual simulation experiment teaching center, national college students outside practice education base and so on a large number of high quality teaching resources. The school is the first batch of Jiangsu Province, teaching advanced colleges and universities, the first batch of innovative entrepreneurship demonstration colleges and universities.

The school is approved by the State Council doctoral degree granting unit, the existing basic medicine, clinical medicine two postdoctoral mobile station, basic medicine, clinical medicine, information and communication engineering three first-level disciplines doctoral degree authorization, 16 first-level master’s degree Authorization point, 5 master degree authorization points. 2 disciplines into the ESI class top 1% of the world. With the provincial key disciplines to cultivate the construction of key disciplines, Jiangsu Province, key disciplines, Jiangsu Province, the dominant disciplines of colleges and universities, the provincial key clinical specialist, the provincial university outstanding echelon, etc., to build a more complete disciplinary system and discipline construction long-term mechanism.

The school adhere to the strong science and technology and independent innovation, with the national key laboratory to cultivate the construction of the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, the provincial key laboratories, Jiangsu University collaborative innovation center, provincial public technical service platform, provincial engineering center, provincial Engineering laboratory, the provincial university philosophy and social science research base and the provincial university outstanding scientific and technological innovation team and a number of high-end scientific and technological innovation carrier. Since the establishment of the merger, a total of more than 600 projects have been awarded the “973” project, “863” project, national science and technology support project, national science and technology major project, national natural science and social science fund, and more than 500 patents Technology Invention Award, He Liang He Li Foundation Science and Technology Progress Award, the Chinese Medical Achievement Award, the outstanding achievement of scientific research in colleges and universities, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award, the provincial philosophy and social science outstanding achievement award, including a number of high-level awards. School for many years been rated as advanced science and technology work in Jiangsu Province.

The school teachers are strong, the existing staff of 3330 people, including senior titles above 1461 people, doctoral and master tutor 1131 people, with Chinese Academy of Engineering, the national “million people plan” teaching teacher, national “thousands of people plan” experts, the state Outstanding young science fund winner, the Chinese Academy of Sciences “Hundred Talents Program” selected, the national “millions of talent project” candidates, the country has outstanding contributions of young and middle-aged experts, the Olympic champion, the Ministry of Education outstanding backbone teachers, Jiangsu Province has outstanding contributions Young experts, Jiangsu Distinguished Professor, Dr. Shuang Chong, the provincial talent of the six provinces, the province “333” project training object, the provincial university “blue project” training object and other outstanding talents.

Campus Address: No. 9, Sik Yuen Road, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

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