Nanyang Medical College

Nanyang Medical College was founded in 1951, the former Nanyang health school. 2004 by the State Ministry of Education approved the upgraded to Nanyang Medical College. In 2006, Nanyang Municipal Committee of Nanyang City, the city of Nanyang medical education resources integration, the Nanyang Chinese medicine school together with Zhang Zhongjing National Medical University (Polytechnic Institute of National Medicine Department) into Nanyang Medical College, formed a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, the advantages of complementary school pattern.

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At present, the school covers an area of ​​1316 acres. School building area of ​​478,000 square meters, teaching and research equipment worth 105 million yuan. Collection of books more than 150 million, foreign language journals 1520 kinds. The school has 20 party and government groups, 14 teaching department (department, hospital), 6 teaching and learning institutions. Opened with clinical medicine, nursing, medical imaging technology and other 18 professional, and with the United States Camden Institute, the Philippines Institute of Emilio cooperation in school. The school has 715 full-time teachers, including: senior professional and technical positions 263 people (up to 60 people), master’s degree 325 people, foreign cultural and educational experts 6 people.5 people were hired as college masters, doctoral tutor.

Our school has 15 specialized research institutions, including 7 above the municipal research institutions. And has advanced equipment, functional support, an area of ​​2,300 square meters of scientific research and experimental center. In 2012 the school was approved the establishment of postdoctoral research and development base in Henan Province.

The school independently created directly affiliated hospital 3, more than 3100 beds. The first affiliated hospital for the national three general hospital, the national people assured demonstration hospital and Henan province general practitioner training base, Henan Province, resident standardized training base and the province of baby-friendly hospital, the size of 1,800 beds, can independently carry the coronary heart Bridging, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular intervention and other difficult medical projects. The second affiliated hospital for the national second-class hospital and Henan Province demonstration comprehensive training base, the size of 500 beds, the recent relocation of the new site, the bed expanded to 1000. The third affiliated hospital is an ophthalmology and minimally invasive national secondary general hospital, the size of the bed 300. Three affiliated hospitals have a more complete training venues and teaching places, bear all the clinical teaching tasks, for the students internship, trainee provides a guarantee.

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