Nankai University

Nankai University is the National Ministry of Education directly under the focus of comprehensive university, is the beloved Premier Zhou Enlai’s alma mater. Nankai University by Yan Xiu, Zhang Boling uphold the concept of education and national salvation founded, began in 1904, was established in 1919. 1937 campus was invaded the Japanese army destroyed, the school moved south. 1938 and Peking University, Tsinghua University, Southwest Associated University, known as the “school Beichen.” In 1946, he returned to Tianjin and changed to national.

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After the founding of new China, experienced higher education departments to adjust, both into the national key universities. Since the reform and opening up, Tianjin Institute of Foreign Trade, China Tourism Management Institute have been incorporated, the Ministry of Education and Tianjin to build support, the school developed into a national “211 Project” and “985 Project” focused on the construction of a comprehensive research university. In September 2015 after the completion of the new campus, Nankai University initially formed a Baltic campus, Jinnan campus, TEDA College “three schools” school pattern. Nankai University adhere to the “allow fair and accessible,” the motto, promote the “patriotism, dedication, innovation, music group” tradition and “the text to rule the country, reason to power, business to the rich” concept, “know China, “For the purpose of the outstanding alumni Zhou Enlai as a model, for education excellence, prosperity, academic power, prosperous state, heritage civilization, and strive to build a world-class university.

Nankai University covers an area of ​​4.5659 million square meters, of which Bali Campus covers an area of ​​122.50 million square meters, Jinnan campus covers an area of ​​2,458,900 square meters, TEDA College covers an area of ​​67,200 square meters. The total construction area of ​​the school building is 1,866,700 square meters. In accordance with the “independent school, close cooperation” principle, and Tianjin University comprehensive cooperation in running schools.

At the end of 2016, our school library collection of 305.74 million, with access to the database system 338, database resources cover almost all disciplines, covering academic journals, e-books, dissertations, patent literature and other literature types.

Nankai University has a well-equipped, business skills, work hard, vibrant teachers. There are 2022 full-time teachers. Among them, the doctoral tutor 729 people, master tutor 850 people, 734 professors, 824 associate professors. There are 11 academicians, “863 plan” chief scientist 2, “973 plan” chief scientist 13 (14 times), the developing countries Academy of Sciences 6, the national “thousands of people plan” selected 13 people, the national ” Young people plan “25 people, the State Council Academic Degrees Committee Discipline Review Group of 15 members, the national outstanding contributions of 14 experts,” Changjiang Scholars Program “Distinguished Professor 40,” Cheung Kong Scholars Program “Professor 16 People, “Changjiang Scholars Program” young scholars 6 people, “Marxist theory research and construction project” chief expert 11 people, the main members of 29 people, the Ministry of education, “Cheung Kong scholar and innovation team development plan” innovation team leader 10 people, National “million people plan” leading talent 8 people, the national “million people plan” young top-notch talent 7 people, “National Outstanding Young Science Fund” winner 39 people, the national “millions of talent project” selected 22 people, the Ministry of Education “New Century Talent Support Program” selected 170 people, the Ministry of Education “cross-century talent fund” winner 20 people, the Ministry of Education “teacher teacher award” won 8 people, Tianjin teaching teacher award 30 people, the national teaching team 9, the Ministry of education, “Young Teachers Award” won the 9 people, the National Natural Science Foundation of outstanding young fund winner 22 people, Tianjin “thousand people Plan “selected 134 people, including 15 long-term innovative talents, Tianjin” talent development special support plan “leader 3 people, Tianjin” talent development special support plan “youth top-notch talent 6 people, Tianjin” 131 “innovation Talent training project first level candidates 50 people.

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