Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Hanlin College

Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hanlin College was founded in March 2002, May 2005 by the Ministry of Education approved as an independent college. September 2010 , College relocation known as “Wenchang Shuixiu, Xiangtai state” reputation of the Soviet Union in the history of Taizhou City, located in the national pharmaceutical high-tech industry development zone, the first stationed in China Medical City full-time Undergraduate colleges , but also the province’s comprehensive reform of higher education pilot one of the independent colleges .

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Over the years, the college built a Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine teachers as the backbone, full-time teachers based on the combination of high-quality, high level of outstanding teachers , hired in the Chinese medicine city of the national “thousands of people plan” 14 senior experts as Distinguished Professors . The college is committed to cultivating an international, multi-disciplinary and innovative talents with international competitiveness. It is actively exploring and innovating the integration mode of production, teaching and research, paying close attention to content construction, improving teaching quality, optimizing the structure of teachers, and gradually improving the conditions , And constantly innovate the management system mechanism, the internal operation of standardized and efficient, formed a reflect the characteristics of the times, medical characteristics, “school” “city” integration, re-application ability of personnel training pattern. College now has medicine, acupuncture and massage, nursing, applied psychology , pharmacy, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical preparations, Chinese medicine resources and development, pharmaceutical management, utilities management, international economy and trade, market Marketing, information management and information systems, such as 15 undergraduate majors , with the relevant professional independent Bachelor degree granting authority, college teachers qualification and college teachers intermediate title self-evaluation.

College uphold Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine “rigorous scholarship, inherited innovation,” the fine tradition, relying on the parent university quality education resources, focus on quality, steady development, with excellent school conditions. Campus built by the lake, the building novel, beautiful environment, pleasant scenery . The school’s teaching, experimental and living facilities are complete and complete, is the ideal place for students to learn. Maternal university a large number of practice base and Taizhou National Pharmaceutical High-tech Industrial Development Zone around hundreds of enterprises and institutions to provide students with good practice, practice, production and research combined with the place for graduates to provide a broad prospect.

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