Luzhou Medical College/Southwest Medical University

The school was founded in 1951, formerly known as the Southwest Sichuan Chuannan doctor school, upgraded in 1959 and changed its name to Luzhou Medical College, upgraded in 1978 and changed its name to Luzhou Medical College, in 1993 to become a master’s degree authorized unit, , In 2003 began the education of foreign students. 2015 renamed the Southwest Medical University.

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The school covers an area of ​​2011 acres. Undergraduate students, graduate students, students 17,005 people. The school has 1056 full-time teachers, including 241 doctors; senior professional and technical positions with 495 full-time teachers, including 135 professors; master tutor 616 people, doctoral tutor 17 people. Professor of the “Changjiang Scholar” of the Ministry of Education, the first and second level candidates for the “100 million Talents Project”, and 356 people with high-level talents such as the special government allowances of the State Council.

The school has a master’s degree in a discipline authorization 7, 7 professional degrees, provincial and ministerial level key disciplines 7. There are 26 ordinary undergraduate majors, including three national characteristics of professional, undergraduate first batch of professional enrollment 13, double degree of professional 5. The school is the first batch of national “excellent doctor education and education program” (2), “comprehensive reform of clinical medicine”, “clinical master’s degree graduate degree training model reform” pilot colleges and universities. There are 26 provincial and ministerial quality courses and boutique resource sharing courses, 2 provincial experimental training demonstration zones, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and 2 provincial virtual simulation experiment teaching centers. Sichuan Province is the outstanding legal talent education training program demonstration practice teaching base. Nearly two won the Sichuan province higher education teaching achievement award first prize 3 items. According to the National Examination Center data show that our school medical disciplines graduate qualification examination pass rate in the national institutions of higher learning among the best.

The school is Sichuan province higher education education demonstration school. Library is Sichuan Province automation, network construction excellent library.

The school has three first-class affiliated hospital directly under the three, there are provincial medical disciplines 17, is the national general practitioners standardized training base, national or provincial resident doctors and specialist training base, is more than 4000 million people Provincial Medical and Health Center in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Chongqing.

Campus Address : 319 Zhongshan Rd 3rd Section, Jiangyang Qu, Luzhou Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China, 646000

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