Medical College of Henan University of Science and Technology

The school was founded in 1952 in Beijing tractor industry school. In 1956, the construction of the national industrial base needs to move to Luoyang, later renamed the Luoyang Institute of Technology, under the Ministry of Machinery Industry. In 1998, transferred to the management of Henan Province, the implementation of the central and local to build. In 2002, the Henan provincial government to optimize the layout of the province’s higher education structure, reported by the Ministry of Education approved by the Luoyang Institute of Technology, Luoyang Medical College, Luoyang Agricultural College merged to form Henan University of Science and Technology. Premier Li Keqiang (former governor of Henan Provincial People’s Government) personally awarded the school, and pointed out that “the establishment of Henan University of Science and Technology is the provincial government to implement ‘science and education strategy’ a major step … … Henan University of Science and Technology to create High – level university as the goal, made into the domestic advanced, living in the forefront of the province ‘s colleges and universities, with its own characteristics of a comprehensive university.

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The school covers 11 major disciplines such as science, industry, agriculture, medicine, economics, management, culture, law, history, teaching and art. With 31 undergraduate programs, 93 undergraduate majors, of which 14 undergraduate majors, 5 master’s degree approved by the Ministry of Education “excellent engineers, excellent doctors, outstanding agriculture and forestry talent, excellent legal personnel training program.” There are 3 doctoral degrees authorized a discipline, covering 25 doctoral degree authorization, 2 postdoctoral mobile stations; 28 master’s degree authorized a discipline, 156 master’s degree authorization, 52 professional degree graduate enrollment field. Built a single university building area of ​​the largest modern library, collection of books and literature 3.64 million, 180,000 Chinese and foreign periodicals. As the first batch of colleges and universities that have admitted to conditional reception of foreign students, we will actively carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools and cooperate with more than 70 universities and research institutions in the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany and other countries and regions. The school has nine affiliated hospitals, of which the first affiliated hospital is the first national PARK n SHOP hospital.

The school from participating in the trial of China’s first “Dongfanghong” tractors, to the development of modern new energy vehicles; from the creation of bevel gear “non-zero displacement” theory, to achieve the bevel gear CNC machine tools; from the million tons of hydraulic machine, The development of shield machine, to be identified as Luoyang “national advanced equipment manufacturing base,” the implementation of the main body; from the completion of aerospace navigation bearing project, to participate in the development of the national bearing industry “Eleventh Five-Year” “second five” development plan; Loose technical cooperation, to the joint large enterprises, research institutes set up a number of strategic alliance of technological innovation, sixty years of perseverance, cooperation in the production and research cooperation in the development of their own society.

Campus Address: 48, Xiyuan Road, Luoyang 471003 China.

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