Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities

Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities is established in 1958. This university is also known as Inner Mongolian Medical College of Nationalities, Inner Mongolian College of Traditional Mongolian Medicine and College of Traditional Mongolian Medicine. This University offer’s 5 year course.

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IMUN consists of 22 departments and one teaching and research unit. The colleges include Humanities; Politics, Law and History; Educational Sciences; International Exchange; Mathematics and Computers; Physics and Electro mechanics; Chemistry; Mongolian Medicine; Clinical Medicine; Agriculture; Veterinarian Sciences; Mongolian; Physical Sports; Foreign Languages; Arts; Adult Education; Life Sciences; Mechanical Engineering; Economics Management; and Vocational Technology. There are also two hospitals attached to IMUN. Its scientific research unit consists of 11 institutes: World History, Horqin Culture, Condensed State Physics, Computational Physics, Arable Farming, Seeds, and Mongolian Medicine.

The main library is adjacent to the Museum of the Inner Mongolian University of the Nationalities. A beautiful statue of four horses, a symbol of Mongolian culture and history, is prominently situated in front of these two buildings.

Campus Address: 536 Huo-Lin-He Street, Ke-Er-Qin District, Tong-Liao, Inner Mongolia 028043 China.

Contact for Admission & More Details

Mr. Arun Bapna +919001099110 (Also on WhatsApp, IMO & Viber)