Institute of Medicine and Nursing, Hubei University of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine and Nursing of Hubei University of Medicine is a unique independent instituted college in Hubei Province, with the approval of State Ministry of Education. The Institute, an ideal place for schooling is located in Shiyan, the Motor City of China and covers about 200,000 square meters. It is administered by Hubei University of Medicine.

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The Institute of Medicine and Nursing has 100 full-time faculty , all of whom are associate professors or professors or holding master degrees. The Institute also shares teachers and teaching resources with Hubei University of Medicine. And it has constructed experimental room, audio-video room, computer experiment room, Gymnastics room and comprehensive building.

Anesthesiology is the National Distinguish Discipline, Nursing and Dentistry the Brand Specialty under Implementation of Hubei Province. Internal Medicine, Surgery, Human Anatomy &Embryology and Anesthesiology are the Provincial Key Disciplines. The Basic Biomedical Experimentation Center and Clinical Skill Training Center are the Provincial Demonstrated Teaching Centers. It also has 23 institutes and offices, including molecular biology, Electrophysiology, and organ transplant, among which the Embryonic Stem Cell Research Lab is the Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory. All of the above greatly support the teaching and researching of the Institute of Medicine and Nursing.

The Institute is always sticking to the idea of Quality Oriented and Ability Focused and aiming at produce the medical talent with qualified professions and special skills. The students will be granted the graduation certificates when graduation.

The Institute has 3 affiliated hospitals all of which are Highest Lever 3 hospitals. The total number of the beds of the three hospitals is 4,000. The hospitals are all equipped with advanced facilities and equipment, which will meet the requirement of clinical teaching. The Institute also has many clinical teaching and practice bases in Chongqing, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Wuhan. The national highest Level 3 hospitals are the prior choice for the students. The employment rate was 92.23% in 2008 and 20% students had passed the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination.

In order to following the trend of the world, the Institute is willing to strengthen the international exchanges. Cooperation have been established with the college and universities in Australia, UK, and the U.S. so that the nursing students would be sent there to pursue further study, and they will be the advanced nursing talents will fluent English and proficient nursing skills.

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