Hebei Medical University

Hebei Medical University (HEBMU) is one of the oldest and best AAA graded medical universities in China. Hebei Medical University is a university in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, People’s Republic of China, under the provincial government.

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The school covers teaching, scientific research, medical treatment as a whole, covering subjects such as basic medicine, clinical medicine, medical technology, Stomatology, pharmacy, preventive medicine, nursing, forensic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and other clinical medicine, seven years of clinical medicine enrollment Shuo students, has become a set of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmacy and other disciplines as one of the comprehensive medical university. The school consists of 14 colleges, general higher education, and specialist 23. The existing full-time ordinary, specialist and graduate student 10491 people, of which, 7039 junior college students, graduate students 3452 people.

The school has four postdoctoral research stations: basic medicine, clinical medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, biology, 42 disciplines with the right to confer doctoral degrees, 68 disciplines with a master’s degree granting right, with bachelor, master, doctorate and postdoctoral Complete medical education system.

The school has a total of 12,443 teaching and administrative staff, including 10,952 professional and technical personnel (including professional and technical personnel are 961 high-level professional and technical personnel 1478); 113 doctoral tutors, 1314 master tutor. Full-time teachers with doctorate or master’s degrees in 797 people. In this team there are a number of knowledgeable, renowned experts and professors at home and abroad, including two members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yan Zhao scholars 2, a national outstanding professional and technical personnel, selected for the Ministry of Personnel, “New Century Millions Talent project “2 national candidates, to enjoy the State Council special allowance of 121 experts, 48 ​​outstanding provincial experts, outstanding contributions to the national and provincial middle-aged scientific and technological management experts 112, 1 people access to national outstanding youth fund project, 1 were selected in the youth thousands of plans, 4 were rated as outstanding teachers at the national level, 5 were rated as provincial teaching masters, and 124 people as the national professional society vice chairman, executive director and director.

Hebei Medical University has perfect conditions for running schools. The campus covers an area of ​​223,900 square meters, construction area of ​​361200 square meters, equipment and equipment worth 340 million yuan, the library has 93.6 million copies of paper books, 3.9 million electronic books; the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, the second hospital, The Third Hospital, the Fourth Hospital, Stomatological Hospital, 5 directly affiliated hospitals, are three A-level general hospital or tertiary specialist hospitals, a total of 8810 beds. Hebei Provincial People’s Hospital, Tangshan Workers Hospital and other 17 hospitals in Hebei Medical University Affiliated Hospital. In addition, the school has more than 50 teaching hospitals and practice teaching base.

Hebei Medical University is not only a medical education, medical treatment center in Hebei Province, Hebei Province, is also the medical research center. The school has 1 national key disciplines, focusing on cultivating a discipline, Hebei Province, a strong feature of discipline 4, provincial key disciplines 13, national key clinical specialist 15, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Construction 2 , 15 provincial key laboratories, 8 provincial research institutes, 1 provincial engineering center, 4 provincial key medicine research centers, 2 provincial humanities and social science bases, 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers, National Science and Technology Progress Award 1, the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award first prize, the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award first prize 8, second prize 17, third prize 41, the commitment to scientific research more than 400, higher The average annual funding of scientific research more than 5000 million. In addition, the school also hosted the editing and publishing of national and provincial academic journals a total of 9 species.

In recent years, Hebei Medical University has become an important window for foreign cultural and academic exchanges, and has established close cooperative relations with 16 medical universities and scientific research institutions in Japan, Korea, the United States, Belgium, France and other countries. More than 40 foreign experts served as the honorary title of the school, the school has the United States, South Korea, Japan and other 14 countries, more than 400 students.

Campus Address: 361 Zhongshan E Rd, Changan Qu, Shijiazhuang Shi, Hebei Sheng, China, 050017


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