Wenzhou Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University is the province of Zhejiang Province ordinary colleges and universities. The school can be traced back to the founder of the Zhejiang Medical College in 1912, in August 1958 by the Zhejiang Medical College from Hangzhou to Wenzhou to the establishment of the first, “Zhejiang Second Medical College”, after the site location changed its name to “Wenzhou Medical Hospital “, renamed in 2013,” Wenzhou Medical University “, in 2015 to become the Zhejiang provincial government, the National Health and Health Ministry of the Ministry of Education to build colleges and universities.

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School in 1958 began to recruit five-year undergraduate students, in 1978 to recruit graduate students, is the first batch of master’s degree grant unit, with a doctoral degree grant. The existing clinical medicine a doctoral degree, clinical medicine, nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, biology, biomedical engineering, basic medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, medicine and other eight first-level master’s degree, six professional master’s degree authorization ; With a clinical post-doctoral research station. Has a national engineering and technology research center, a national key laboratories, 13 provincial and ministerial level key laboratories (research center), a Zhejiang Province, “2011 collaborative innovation center”; 2 Zhejiang Province, “the most important one Level discipline “, 3 Zhejiang province A class first class, 7 class B first class, 10 Zhejiang province university key discipline.

The school has 26 undergraduate majors, involving medicine, science, engineering, management, literature, law, education and other seven disciplines. There are currently 16288 full-time students (excluding independent colleges – Wenzhou Medical University Yan Chai College), including 118 doctoral students, 2839 master’s degree graduate students, 755 academic education students. The school has formed from the undergraduate to master’s degree, doctoral and postdoctoral, from full-time to adult education, students and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students education all-round, multi-level personnel training system.

At present, the school has four national professional construction points, one national teaching team, one national innovation training area, one national experimental teaching demonstration center, one national practice education base, national boutique resource sharing Course 5, the national bilingual teaching demonstration course 1, the national students to teach English courses in English 2, by the Ministry of education, “excellent doctor education and training program” pilot project 5, the national comprehensive reform pilot project 1. Won the national teaching achievement two prize two.

The school has three campuses, the total area of ​​about 1900 acres, and the school building area of​more than 550,000 square meters. Library collection of literature is 1.94 million copies. School published, edited and published five kinds of academic journals, a kind of academic journals, of which three journals selected “China Science and Technology core journals”, “Chinese Journal of optometry and visual science” for the Chinese Medical Association series of magazines. The school has 5 affiliated hospitals, of which 4 are three first class hospitals, while in Zhejiang Province has 19 non-straight tube affiliated hospital.

Campus Address: Wenzhou Chashan Higher Education Zone Wenzhou Medical University.

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