Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Established in 1956, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the first four TCM higher education institutions in China. The university shares management system with Shanghai Academy of TCM. In2003, the University was relocated to Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in Pudong District, making it an indispensable part of the “Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley” which serves Shanghai’s strategy of building an innovation-driven city.

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The university is committed to education and research while focusing on developing its unique strength. The campus which occupies 2775 units of area has beautiful environment and complete instructional facilities such as teaching buildings, experiment buildings, library building, administration building, external affairs building, gymnasium and museum.

Currently, the university has 7 affiliated hospitals, 22 affiliated or joint research institutions and 15 research centers. Further more, there are 600 professors, 60 Shanghai Renowned TCM Doctors, 3 academicians, and 76 supervisors of national TCM inheritance classes at SHUTCM. Among all programs offered by the university, 6 are identified as national key programs including TCM surgery, Chinese Materia Medica, TCM Internal Medicine and orthopedics, TCM History and Literature, as well as Acupuncture and Tuina; 38 are identified as national key programs by State Administration of TCM; 6 are identified as key programs by Shanghai Education Bureau. In addition, the university has 3 key laboratories supported by Ministry of Education, 1 engineering research center supported by Ministry of Education, 3 municipal key laboratory, 1 Collaborative Innovation Center for Health-care Service, and 8 key research offices supported by State Administration of TCM.

Campus Address: 1200 Cailun Rd, Zhangjiang High-Tec Park, Pudong District Shanghai 201203 China.

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