Shanghai University

Shanghai University in May 1994 by the Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Science and Technology College and the original Shanghai University merged to form.

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Shanghai University of Technology, the predecessor of the Shanghai Institute of Technology was established in 1960, 1972, merged with the Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology Institute for the new Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering, 1979, separated by two schools, and with the consent of the Ministry of Education, changed its name to Shanghai University of Technology; Shanghai University of Science and Technology was established in 1958, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences East China Branch is responsible for the preparation, when the president is the East China branch president, the Department of the relevant disciplines by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai Institute of director, school and research institutes, research institutes The Shanghai University was founded in 1983, under the College of Arts, International Business School, Academy of Fine Arts, Institute of Technology and Law School, the predecessor of these colleges are Fudan University, the merger of Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering Shanghai Science and Technology College Shanghai Science and Technology College was established in 1959, and was upgraded to a college in 1981.

The new Baoshan Campus, located at Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, was constructed as the main campus of the consolidated Shanghai University. The other two campuses are the Yanchang Campus located in Jing’an District, and the Jiading Campus located in Jiading District.

The university had the longest serving university president in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Chien Wei-zang (from 1982 until his death in 2010). He was a well known scientist in China, a senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the only PRC university president who served for life.

Today’s Shanghai University, whether it is the level of education and efficiency, or the overall conditions of running schools in the country have been among the forefront. “Self-improvement” “first of the world’s worries and worries, after the world of music and music,” the motto and “realistic and innovative” school spirit in the teachers and students continue to carry forward.

Campus Address: 99 Shangda Rd, Baoshan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

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