Jinzhou Medical University, China

Jinzhou (Liaoning) Medical University

Jinzhou medical university

Jinzhou Medical University (JMU), (Formally known as Liaoning Medical University [JMU]) is located in the province of Liaoning in the north-eastern part of China, five hours east of Beijing.The university enjoys very god reputation in China for its pragmatism and has cultivated numerous outstanding medical talents. Recently University has changed it’s name to Jinzhou Medical University.

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Jinzhou Medical University was born in the liberation war period, the school formerly known as 1946 in Taizhou City, Jilin Province, the establishment of the Liaoji Military Region Health School. In 1949 moved to Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, founded in 1958 Jinzhou Medical College, in 2006 changed its name to Liaoning Medical College. 2007 with outstanding achievements through the national Ministry of education undergraduate teaching level assessment. March 2016, approved by the Ministry of Education, officially changed its name to Jinzhou Medical University. After more than 70 years of development has become a medical-based, multi-category, multi-level, a variety of schools in the form of provincial institutions of higher learning.

The school covers an area of 915 acres. There are three kinds of school-running forms such as general higher education, adult education, higher vocational and technical education and international student education. There are three levels of running school for undergraduates, undergraduates and undergraduates. There are three levels of schooling, medicine, science, engineering, agriculture, management, education and economics 7 disciplines; 21 undergraduate majors. School in 1984 to become a master’s degree grant unit, in 1999 to obtain the same degree of academic staff to apply for a master’s degree grant qualification, in 2003 by the Ministry of Education approved the beginning of the joint training with the Chinese Medical University doctoral students. There are 8 first-level disciplines master’s degree authorization, 59 second-level master’s degree authorization, 4 master’s degree authorization.

The school has 896 full-time teachers . The school has “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” Distinguished Professor 2, the National Teaching Teacher Award winner 1, the Ministry of Education Higher Education Teaching Committee serving three people, the new century millions of talent engineering national candidate 1, won the State Council special government Allowance of 23 people, the Ministry of Health has made outstanding contributions to young experts 1, Liaoning Province, three outstanding experts, “Liaoning Higher Education Climbing Scholars Support Program” selected four people, Liaoning Distinguished Professor 7, Liaoning Province, teaching teacher award winner 6 people, Liaoning Province, the leading young students in Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province, “millions of Talents Project” candidates 41 people, Liaoning Province, outstanding young backbone teachers 26 people.

The school has a professional teaching practice base 95, of which directly under the affiliated hospital 3, non-affiliated hospitals 7. The First Affiliated Hospital is one of the three largest general hospitals in western Liaoning, one of the three major regional medical centers in Liaoning Province, a standardized training base for national residents, and a national coronary heart disease intervention training base.

Why This University: This university has almost 300 Indian students and 60+ Students are from Rajasthan. This University also has Indian Canteen.

Campus Address: No.40, Section 3, Songpo Road, Lingjiang District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China

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