Lanzhou University

Lanzhou University is directly under the Ministry of Education of the national key comprehensive university, is the national “985 Project” and “211 Project” one of the key construction of colleges and universities. The school was founded in 1909, its predecessor was established during the late Qing Dynasty Gansu political school, is the beginning of modern Gansu higher education signs, opened the first step in the northwest higher education.

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1928 expansion for the Lanzhou University of Zhongshan, 1945 known as the National Lanzhou University. After the founding of new China, Lanzhou University adhere to the party’s education policy, adhere to the correct direction of running a school, grow and develop, the rapid rise. In the adjustment of colleges and universities in colleges and universities, was identified as one of the national fourteen comprehensive universities; in the “development of the northwest”, “the establishment of strategic rear” under the guidance of the strategic objectives of the national higher education pattern has an important strategic position A university, shoulder the important task of cultivating advanced specialized talents and developing science, technology and culture for the country, especially the western region. Since the reform and opening up, the school has seized the historical opportunity of the national implementation of the strategy of “rejuvenating the country through science and education”, “strengthening the country through talents” and “211 project” and “985 project”, taking the emancipatory ideology as the guide and reforming and opening up Level, in 2002 and 2004, the original Gansu grassland ecological research institute, Lanzhou Medical College has merged into Lanzhou University, the school discipline is more complete, comprehensive advantage is more prominent, ushered in the history of the rapid development period, and to school Long history, strong school, school performance outstanding, into the ranks of first-class university construction.

The location of the school is located in the hinterland of Lanzhou, the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the northwest of the city, is the landscape of the United States, deep historical and cultural heritage, multi-ethnic culture here, Campus area of ​​3,807 acres, built six campuses, there are two affiliated hospitals, a dental hospital. The school has 20,559 undergraduates, 9,018 graduate students, 2,063 doctoral students. 4,145 in-service faculty members, 1,958 full-time teachers, including 514 professors, associate professors and other associate professors 706, postgraduate tutor 1,534 people, two academicians 9, “thousands of people” , “Million people plan” leading talent 3 people, the Ministry of education “Changjiang scholar” Distinguished Professor 14, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner 18 people, the national millions of talented engineering selected 11 people, “Innovative Talent Promotion Plan” young people Science and technology innovation leader 3 people, national teaching teacher 4, the State Council Academic Degrees Committee Discipline Review Group members 10 people, young “thousands of people plan” project winner 2, “million people plan” young top talent 4 people, the Ministry of education ” Changjiang scholar “young scholar project candidates 3 people, the National Excellent Young Science Fund winner 17 people, the Ministry of Education in the new century (cross century) talent 129 people, Gansu province teaching teacher 22 people, Gansu province leading talent 90 people, national natural science fund Commission innovation research group 4, the Ministry of education innovation team 8, colleges and universities innovation base 7, the national teaching team 5.

Lanzhou University disciplines complete, distinctive disciplines, covering 12 disciplines. There are eight national key disciplines, two national key disciplines, 32 provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial key training disciplines. There are two key national laboratories, six key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, two key laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, two key research bases of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, two national joint engineering laboratories, 15 key experiments in Gansu Province (Including incubation base), 4 Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center, 7 Gansu Provincial Engineering Research Center (Engineering Laboratory), a National Natural Science Foundation of China and Germany Research Center.

Lanzhou University is the first batch of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctoral degree granting authority, the first batch of post-doctoral research station, the first set of text, science national basic science research and teaching talent training base, the first selected national college students innovative experimental plan One of the colleges and universities. Approved by the Ministry of Education has a graduate school. The school has 91 undergraduate majors, 44 master’s degree authorized a discipline, 19 doctoral degree authorized a discipline, 18 master’s degree authorization type, a doctoral degree authorization type, 19 postdoctoral research station. There are six national talent training base, six national experimental teaching demonstration center, two national talent training mode innovation test area, eight provincial and ministerial level basic science research and teaching personnel training base. Graduates to solid foundation, knowledgeable, hard work and popular by the community. Since the school since the country has trained more than 10 million all kinds of talents, many people become well-known experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and outstanding party and government management personnel. Since 1999, there have been 14 alumni elected as academicians.

Campus Address : 222 Tianshui S Rd, Chengguan Qu, Lanzhou Shi, Gansu Sheng, China, 730000

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