Heilongjian University

Heilongjiang University is the Ministry of Education and the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government to build a distinctive, high-level, modern local comprehensive university, located in the northern ice city of Harbin, its predecessor was established in 1941, the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military University. Over the past 70-odd years since its establishment, Heilongjiang University has promoted and enhanced the strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia in the global strategic framework of the country.

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It has strengthened the dominant position and leading role of the Russian major and achieved the goal of talent cultivation, scientific research, foreign cooperation and society. Service and other multi-faceted docking with Russia, the formation of national universities unique characteristics of the Russian school. As the most comprehensive and professional university in Heilongjiang Province, the university has the strongest coverage and the strongest advantage in the future. It insists on the basis of Longjiang and provides the high-end talent support, intelligence support and technology service for the local and national economic and social development. And cultural leadership. Since the 11th Five-Year Plan, Heilongjiang University has adhered to the development path of stabilizing scale, optimizing structure, improving quality and strengthening management, and has been striving to build a three-in-one model of teaching, scientific research and discipline development. The overall level, overall strength and core competition Power and social reputation significantly improved. In the third round of discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education, the school to strengthen the discipline construction effect is remarkable, a number of disciplines have entered the domestic first-class ranks, foreign language and literature disciplines ranked sixth, philosophy discipline ranked tenth, law subjects ranked twenty- Chinese language and literature ranked twenty-sixth, chemistry ranked twenty-ninth.

Heilongjiang University adhere to the scientific research as the support, to enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation as the focus, in order to enhance service economic and social development capacity as a foothold, take the road of scientific research school. Now has the Ministry of education of humanities and social science research base of 100 key Russian language and literature and cultural studies center, the function of inorganic materials, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of agricultural microbiology technology engineering research center of the Ministry of education, national international science and technology cooperation base “international cooperation in catalytic technology research Center “, optical fiber sensing technology, the National Joint Engineering Research Center, the National Sugar Improvement Center, the Ministry of Agriculture beet quality supervision, inspection and testing centers and many other national high-end scientific research and innovation platform with provincial-level philosophy and social science research base 4, Level key laboratory 3, the provincial engineering center 2, the provincial university humanities and social science key research base 13, the provincial key laboratory 7, provincial colleges and universities to build engineering and technology research and development center 3, and the Russian Research Institute , The Institute of Education Science and more than 30 school-level scientific research institutions, has now basically constitute a multi-disciplinary, three-dimensional, complete and balanced scientific research and innovation development system. Since the 10th Five-Year Plan, there have been 221 National Social Science Funds and 272 National Natural Science Funds, and over 700 papers have been collected by SCI, EI and CSSCI for more than 23,000 years, of which more than 23,000 are scientific research achievements. More than 900 achievements by the national, ministries and commissions, the provincial award, won the national science and technology progress award 1, Chinese university humanities and social science research outstanding achievement award 22 items. Li Xiyin, Professor Pan Guimin presided over the compilation of the “Russian-Chinese Detailed Dictionary” won the National Book Award, and as a national gift presented to the Russian national leaders. “Journal of Heilongjiang University”, “Journal of Heilongjiang”, “Journal of Natural Science”, “Chinese Sugar”, “Manchu Studies”, “Heilongjiang Journal of Engineering”, “Heilongjiang Education” “Northern Law” “Far East Economic and Trade Herald” (Russian version) and other high-level academic journals at home and abroad.

Campus Address: No. 74 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

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