Gansu University of Chinese Medicine

Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established in 1978, formerly known as Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, approved by the Ministry of Education in 2015, the Gansu Provincial Government agreed, changed its name to Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2016, the Gansu Provincial Government and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to build colleges and universities. It is the only university in northwest China that has the right to confer doctoral degrees on the basis of medical education, which covers 6 disciplines of medicine, science, engineering, economics, management and teaching.

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The school has a total of 2847 faculty and staff, including 629 full-time teachers. The existing two-employed academician 3 people. 42 doctoral tutor, 325 master tutor, 14 people enjoy the special allowance issued by the State Council, 2 were rated as “Ministry of Health outstanding contribution experts”, 3 were rated as “outstanding teachers”, 42 were awarded “Gansu The provincial name of Chinese medicine “, 8 were rated as” outstanding experts in Gansu Province “, 4 were” Gansu Provincial Teaching Masters Award “, 12 were” gardening in Gansu Province Award “, 20 were” Gansu Province Young Teachers Award “, 23 people were selected in Gansu Province” 333 “,” 555 “talent project, 7 people selected Gansu province university cross-century discipline leaders, 16 people were selected for leading talents in Gansu Province, 27 people were selected for the Gansu Provincial Health Department leader talent .

The school has 10952 full-time students, including 10170 undergraduates, 742 master’s degree, and 39 doctoral students. The school has 20 teaching institutions, 4 directly under the institutions, 31 scientific research institutions. There are two directly affiliated hospitals, eight non-affiliated hospitals, 106 practice teaching base (including 10 affiliated hospitals). The school has 22 undergraduate majors, 7 specialist majors, 3 national specialty majors, 4 provincial specialty majors, 5 provincial teaching teams, 1 postdoctoral research station, 3 first-level discipline doctoral degrees, 4 level 1 academic master degree authorization, there are five first-level discipline master’s degree authorization, with the same academic strength of the master’s degree award and college teachers in-service study for master’s degree training.

The school has 17 provincial key disciplines, 9 provincial medical and health key disciplines, 19 provincial quality courses, 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, a total area of ​​about 2200 square meters of scientific research and experimental center. 1 Provincial Key Laboratory, 3 State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chinese Medicine Research Laboratory 3, 4 Key Laboratory of Gansu Province, 2 Gansu Provincial Key Laboratory of Gansu Province, 2 Gansu Provincial Universities Humanities and Social Sciences key research base, 4 provincial and ministerial level engineering technology research center. The school is the fourth national census of Gansu Province, the pilot work of technical support units, the national essential drugs required seeds of Chinese herbal medicine seed breeding base construction in Gansu Province to take the lead in guiding units, Gansu Province, the standard formulation of traditional Chinese medicine work leading unit, the Ministry of Science and Technology ” Medicine prevention and treatment of chronic diseases demonstration base of international scientific and technological cooperation. ” “Twelfth Five-Year” period, commitment to the national, provincial and ministerial level and other research projects 898, access to all kinds of scientific research awards 73, 27 national patents. Published 339 academic monographs and teaching materials, and published 1526 academic papers. Organized the “Journal of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, “Journal of Pediatrics”, “grass-roots health in Gansu” three academic journals, including “Chinese Journal of Pediatrics” for the Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Affiliated hospital directly under the school hospital preparations with 106, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

The school attaches great importance to party building and ideological and political education, and actively carry out a variety of campus cultural activities, social practice and public service activities to promote the “quality of students to expand the program”, has been rated as “the province’s ideological and political education of advanced units” , “The province of the United Front Work advanced unit”. Trade unions and affiliated labor unions were awarded the “national education, health and body system advanced trade union organization” honorary title.

With the construction of “Silk Road Economic Belt”, the school has carried out international cultural exchange and cooperation and actively promoted the development of westward exchange. The school has established 8 “Qihuang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and 4 TCM Centers with Russia and other countries. And established friendly and cooperative relations with schools and educational institutions in more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Ukraine.

Campus Address: 35 East Ding Xi Road, Lanzhou 730000 China.

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