Fourth Military Medical University

Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU) is a national key military institution of higher learning for training middle-and-high level military medical workers for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The amalgamation of the Fourth Military Medical College and the Fifth Military Medical College in 1954 brought forth the present Fourth Military Medical University in 1954. The former Fourth Military Medical College grew out of the Medical School initially set up in 1941 under the Northwest Shanxi Military Command and the former Fifth Military Medical College developed from the Medical College of the National Central University first established in 1935. FMMU was accredited in 1959 by the State Council as one of China’s first batch of 20 key universities, was designated by the PLA in 1995 as one of the key military academies with prioritized support for their development and was ratified again by the State in 1997 as one of the first State “211 Project” supported universities. The University, covering an area of about 202.6 hectares, is located in Xi’an – an ancient capital of China.

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FMMU is directly under the General Department of Logistics (GDL) of the PLA. The university administrative body is composed of four Divisions — the Training Division, the Political Division, the Scientific Research Division and the General Affairs Division — and one School of Graduates. Under the university are the School of Preclinical Medical Science, the School of Aerospace Medicine, the School of Biomedical Engineering, the School of Public Health and Military Preventive Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Stomatology, the School of Nursing, the School of Non-commissioned Nurses, and the Brigade of Graduates. Of the three hospitals affiliated to FMMU, the First Clinical Teaching Hospital (also known as Xijing Hospital) and the Second Clinical Teaching Hospital (also known as Tangdu Hospital) are two modern general hospitals, and the Third Clinical Teaching Hospital (also known as Stomatological Hospital) is the one and only PLA dental hospital, which enjoys a high reputation all over the country.

FMMU has a galaxy of high-caliber faculty of over 2 000 strong, among whom are 700 professors and associate professors, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 12 Cheung Kong Chair Professors, 149 mentors for doctoral degree candidates and 267 for master’s degree candidates, 273 experts who enjoy special allowance granted by the State Council and 4 members on the Discipline Appraisal Board under the academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. FMMU has appointed more than 80 world famous scientists or specialists such as Mr. Zhou guangzhao and Dr. Yang Zhengning as honorary or guest professors.

FMMU is among the first batch of Doctoral degree and Master’s degree conferring institutions authorized by the State Council. The university now has 6 first-level disciplines and 45 second-level disciplines authorized for conferring doctor’s degree, 63 second-level disciplines authorized for conferring master’s degree and 7 postdoctoral programs. The university has 19 national key disciplines (4 of which are developing disciplines), 12 disciplines with appointed Cheung Kong Chair Professor by Cheung Kong Scholar Program, 1 national key laboratory, 3 PLA key disciplines, 13 PLA medical research institutes, 19 PLA specialized medical centers and 12 PLA key medical laboratories.

FMMU has trained some 80 000 military medical workers, of whom over 8 700 have been conferred doctoral or master’s degrees. Many of our alumni now are nationwide and worldwide famous specialists and some of them are leaders of PLA medical establishments at all levels. The university have been conferred various honor by the State or by the Central Military Commission for its successful ideological and moral education. Among them are “Exemplary College Student with Lofty Ideals and Self-sacrificing Spirit” — an honorary title for Zhang Hua, a cadet who died a young martyr in saving an old farmer from a manure pit, “Huashan Fighting Collective”, an honorary title for cadets who helped rescue crowded tourists from dangers at the risk of their own lives, and “Exemplary Cadet Regiment”, an honorary title for the Second Cadet Regiment of the university for their outstanding work in training qualified students. At present, FMMU has over 4000 students on campus, of whom over 1400 are graduate students.

FMMU has attached great importance to scientific research as well as national and international academic exchanges. In the past years, FMMU has scored a cornucopia of achievements in basic medicine, clinical medicine, military medicine and biomedical engineering. Even since the State’s “10th Five-year Plan”, FMMU has obtained 1577 research projects above provincial or ministerial level, with a total grants of over 420 million RMB, has won over 150 Awards for Achievements in Science and Technology above provincial or ministerial level, FMMU has taken lead in the number of papers published on the SCI-collected journals among all the medical universities as well as all the military acadimies in China. The university has set some national or international milestones in its clinical work. China’s first and world’s second case of “face transplantation”, world’s first case of “serious facial defect reconstruction” and the rare cace of “serious jaw defect reconstruction” all have been accomplished in FMMU. Since 1978, more than 4000 scholars from FMMU have been sent to teaching, research or medical institutions in over 60 countries and regions for academic purposes and around 10 000 specialists and scholars from over 90 countries and regions have visited FMMU, among whom 13 are Nobel Laurets in Medicine or Physiology. FMMU has established stable academic collaborations and exchanges with over 20 universities or institutes in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Japan, France, Germany and Australia.

FMMU boasts a great quantity of modern and user-friendly facilities for teaching, research and medical work. The University Library with 12,000m2 floor space has a collection of about 770 000 books. With the Campus Network and the Network in Military Academies, the world is easily accessible at the user’s finger tip. Facilities such as the Medical Specimen Museum, Computer Labs, Foreign Languages Labs, Experiment Center for Preclinical Medicine, Education Technology Center, Teaching Control Center, Sports Venue, and Natatorium all rank first-class among all the medical universities in China. The 3 affiliated hospitals are equipped with a whole spectrum of very sophisticated teaching, research and medical facilities.

At the new stage in the new century, FMMU, as both a national and military key university, is thoroughly applying the Scientific Outlook on Development. In line with the univerity development guiding principle of “Quality-work Strategy”, the university motto of “Solidarity, Practicality, Creativity and Dedication” and the university’s tradition of “Putting morality, knowledge, harmony and progress first”, the staff and faculty of the university are working hard to develop the univerity into a world-renowned research university in military medicine.

Campus Address: No. 17 Chang Le West Road, Xi’an 710032 Shaanxi China.

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