Chengdu Institute of Physical Education

In southwestern Chengdu Institute of physical education is the only sports institution. Originally under the State General Administration of sport, currently Director of the Sichuan provincial people’s Government building, dominated by management in Sichuan province. School of is predecessor of Sichuan provincial sports school built in 1942, 1950 renamed Chengdu sports College. In 1953, “layout” in historical context, formed into six National Institute of physical education of Sports Academy in Chengdu, one of the Southwest when Institute, 1956.

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Academy currently occupies a total area of 480,000 square meters, parts of the present District of Chengdu, in Sichuan province, adjacent to the world-renowned historic Temple of Marquis. College of caring, rational layout of infrastructure, teaching and research, training venues, experimental instruments and equipment facilities, fully functional. Library is rich in resources, has been built covering all subjects in our College and professional literature supporting system in China and abroad.

College teaching and administrative staff of more than 800 people, including full-time teachers in 461 people, senior title 179 intermediate engineers, more than 200 people, international, National Magistrates ‘ 98, international, national-level athlete 86 people. College are has sports of, and movement medical of, and movement of, and martial arts of, and economic management of, and news of, and foreign language of, and art of, 8 of, opened has sports education, and social sports (tourism and outdoor movement direction), and movement training, and national traditional sports, and TCM (TCM bone Traumatology, and movement medical direction), and movement human science, and movement rehabilitation and health, and news learn (sports news direction), and broadcast TV choreographer, and public career management (sports management direction), and Economics (sports economic direction), and English (sport foreign language Foreign Affairs), and tourism management (sports tourism), performance (direction of body and movement performances), dancing, learning 15 undergraduate majors, education, medicine, literature, management, economics, the 6 major disciplines of science.

Institute of  education facing the country to recruit college students of physical education, sports training; college cum sports and its 3-year secondary sports school and the Chinese Basketball Association Chengdu basketball school. Over more than 60 teachers and students take on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, referee and medical supervision, the team doctor, rehabilitation massage skills and tactics of scientific and technological research and technology service activities; more than more than 40 students and teachers become professional volunteers of the Beijing Olympics track and field; 26 students have participated in the Olympic Games.

School of editing and publishing the journal of Chengdu Institute of physical education, the study of the physical education in both academic journals.Journal of the Chengdu Institute of physical education for the national Chinese core journals of Humanities and social sciences, national journals, academic journals at the quality level of Sichuan province, China’s University natural science journals of outstanding, China Journal NET, China academic journal (CD) full-text indexed journals, and Chinese academic journal comprehensive evaluation database and source journals of Chinese Humanities and social science citation database.

Campus Address: #2 Tiyuan Rd, Chengdu 610041 China.

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