Anhui University of Science and Technology College of Medicine

Anhui University of Science and Technology College of Medicine is established in 1985. History of the university is Huainan College for the Coal Industry merged into Huainan Institute of Technology in 1997. The institute’s name changed to Anhui University of Science and Technology in 2002. This University is also known as East China Coal School of Medicine and Huainan College for the Coal Industry. This University offer’s 5 year course. It is located in Anhui Province @ Huainan City.

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Anhui University of Science and Technology one of the five key universities in Anhui Province, China. It is situated in Huainan City, Anhui Province, which is also known as a green city and as a base of science and education in China.

Anhui University of Science and Technology (the predecessor of the university, namely, Bengbu Advanced Industrial and Professional Training School of Anhui Province) was founded in 1945. It was one of two institutions of higher education in the then Anhui Province. The school was renamed “Hefei Mining Institute” in 1955, and moved to Hefei the same year, and again renamed “Hefei University of Technology” in 1958.

Covering a land area of 1,300 mu, the university is divided into three branches.In 1971 the Department of Geology and the Department of Mining Engineering were established in the university and then moved to Huainan City completely, together with some teachers of the Department of Basic Courses, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, on the basis of which established Huainan Coal Mine Institute. The institute was renamed “Huainan Mining Institute” in 1981. In 1993 the former East China Medical School merged into the institute, which was renamed “Huainan Institute of Technology” in 1997.

Since 1998 the university has come under the Province instead of the former Ministry of Coal Industry of the state due to the readjustment of the organs of the State Council. In 2000, Huainan School of Chemical Engineering, a junior school of the former Ministry of Chemical Engineering of the country, merged into the university according to the resolution of the Provincial Government. In February, 2002 the university adopted the present name authorized by the State Education Commission.

In September 2016, the new campus located in the new Shannan District, was opened, dwarfing the old campus in size.

The university has disciplines in engineering, science, medicine, management, and the arts.A president heads the university. Each school is headed by a dean , and each department by a chairman. Students elect their representatives each year to attend administrative meetings.

The university consists of 12 departments, an advanced vocational and technical training school, an adult education school, and more than 42 research institutes.

The university was authorized to grant Master and bachelor’s degrees in 1981 by the State Council. It was also authorized to confer master’s degrees to those either at work or with the same educational experience. At present, there are in the university 50 master and 42 bachelor programs, with over 21,000 students, of which 17120 are bachelors and over 4000, are masters.

It is now the only university in Anhui Province that has the privilege to grant engineering master’s degrees, and the only one multi-disciplined university having a discipline in medicine.

Campus Address: 168 Shungengzhongru Road Huainan City, China.

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