Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1960 , is the second batch of the establishment of the higher Chinese medicine institutions, the Yunnan Provincial Government and the State Administration of the Chinese medicine to build the undergraduate institutions. The school is a subject of Chinese medicine as the main body, medical, management, engineering, management of multi-disciplinary coordinated development, to undergraduate education, graduate education, continuing education, foreign education and common development of higher TCM colleges, with a master’s degree award Rights and international students to recruit qualifications, is the Yunnan Province project construction of the doctoral authority. In 2007 by the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching work to assess the “excellent”, 2013 , 2015 Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine professional through the Ministry of Education certification.

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School Division has a staff of 869 people, including, full-time teachers 613 people, national experts 19 people, provincial expert 40 people, doctoral tutor 12 people, master tutor 448 people, has a doctoral degree full-time teachers 113 people. There are full-time students 10551 people, among them: Undergraduate 9633, graduate 858 people, students 60 people; adult education students in 9578 people. The school has two campuses, covers an area of 763.20 acres, of which 730.33 acres of Gongji school headquarters, white tower area of 32.87 acres, a total construction area of 27. 3 million square meters. The school has 1 0 secondary colleges, 2 public teaching department, 1 research institutes, 1 museums.

The school has a number of provincial teaching and research platform and school, school enterprises, colleges and universities to build a platform, Yunnan Province is the international education base of Chinese medicine, international scientific and technological cooperation base, Yunnan Provincial Medicine Industry Development Research Institute, Yunnan Province, Chinese medicine policy research Center, Yunnan Province, the protection of national medicine and industry research base, there are 6 academician expert workstation, 4provincial scientific research platform, 1 provincial innovation teams,2 provincial 2011 collaborative innovation centers, 1 provincial TCM clinical research Base, seven provincial colleges and universities key laboratories and engineering center, Yunnan Province is the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine standardization plantation research center of the main member units.

The school has a Yunnan Provincial Medicine National Medicine Museum, is the national culture of Chinese medicine culture and education base, Yunnan Province science education base; which built the world’s only traditional Chinese medicine museum.

Campus Address: 076 Yuhua Road, Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

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