Wulanchabu Medical College

Wulanchabu medical college is approved by the Ministry of Education in March 2009, in the original Wulanchabu City Health School on the basis of the new full-time general medical college.The school is based on full-time general medical education, five-year vocational education and adult education, supplemented by vocational training and social services. More than half a century, for the Wulanchabu City and the surrounding areas transport a large number of medical personnel for the development of regional medical and health undertakings made outstanding contributions to access to the “Wulanchabu May 1 Labor Certificate”, ” Wulanchabu City garden-style units “,” civilized unit model “and other honorary titles.

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The school is composed of two parts: the school department and the affiliated hospital. School headquarters covers an area of ​​680 acres, a construction area of ​​81,900 square meters, the campus green area of ​​383.51 acres, the campus green rate of 64.7%. 89 kinds of laboratories, teaching and research equipment worth 36.85 million yuan, the experimental rate of 90% or more, the school is the gradual implementation of open laboratory construction, and fully guarantee the students’ experimental training needs. School library collection of books 260,000. School fixed assets amounted to 270 million yuan.
School set up at the level of institutions within the 22, 5 party branch and an organ directly under the party branch. The total number of 257 faculty members. The school has 204 full-time teachers, including 39 graduate students, doctoral students 2, deputy title of more than 110 professional and technical positions.
The school has set up 11 major professional: namely nursing specialty, clinical medicine specialty, midwifery specialty, medicine management and management specialty, pharmacy profession, medical examination specialty, traditional Chinese medicine profession, rehabilitation technology, optometry technology and medicine Image technology.

The school is now affiliated to a subsidiary hospital, two hospitals, set teaching, clinical, rehabilitation as one, is Wulanchabu City medical insurance, public health care, urban medical care, new rural cooperative medical designated hospitals. Hospital covers an area of ​​40.5 acres, construction area of ​​11,000 square meters.Hospital existing staff of 268, of which more than 45 titles, more than 200 beds. Hospital set orthopedics, burns, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, ENT and other 23 clinical, medical departments, including bone surgery, burns, obstetrics and gynecology as a leading discipline in the city’s medical institutions in the prestigious.

Address : Address: Jining District, Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, China

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