Shantou University

Shantou University in 1981 by the State Council approved the establishment of a comprehensive university, the school received a well-known patriot and internationally renowned entrepreneur Mr. Li Ka-shing’s full help, Li Ka-shing Foundation’s support for Shantou is expected to 2018 will be more than 8 billion Hong Kong dollars.

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Shantou University is currently the Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province, Li Ka Shing Foundation three institutions to build institutions of higher learning, but also the world’s only one by the private foundation – Li Ka Shing Foundation continued funding of public universities. The school covers an area of ​​1888.70 acres, construction area of ​​568000 square meters (including the gymnasium, medical school, accommodation college and other projects).

Shantou University has a Faculty of Arts, College of Science, School of Medicine, School of Medicine, School of Law, School of Business, Yangtze River Art and Design Institute, Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication, for the country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to recruit doctors, masters and undergraduates. The existing staff of 1602 people, full-time students in 10294 people, has trained all kinds of talents for the community 100,000 people.

Shantou has a national key disciplines 1, set up the “Cheung Kong scholar” Distinguished Professor post, postdoctoral research station 5, a discipline doctoral degree authorization 1, a discipline master degree authorization 10, with a discipline Point coverage, my school a total of two disciplines doctoral degree authorization 25, two disciplines master degree authorization 83. Master degree authorization 8. Guangdong Province, eight key disciplines (including climbing key disciplines 1: basic mathematics; advantages of key disciplines 4: Chemistry, mechanical design and theory, clinical medicine, basic medicine; characteristics of key disciplines 3: marine biology, biochemistry and Molecular biology, pharmacology), the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory 1, Guangdong Province, six key laboratories, Guangdong Province, three international scientific and technological cooperation base, Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of 3, Guangdong Provincial Health Department Key Laboratory 3 1, Guangdong Province, a key industrial technology innovation platform, Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research Center 5, Guangdong Province, the combination of production and research demonstration base 4, Guangdong University Engineering Technology Research Center 3, Guangdong University International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan cooperation and innovation Platform 6, Guangdong Province, the humanities and social sciences research base 2, the Ministry of education (national) experimental teaching demonstration center 1, Guangdong province experimental teaching demonstration center 15, the Ministry of education in 2007 the talent training mode innovation experimental area 2 , The provincial talent training model innovation experimental area 10, the national characteristics of professional construction point 7 (business administration, art design, law , The Ministry of Education (national) boutique courses 4, the Ministry of Education (national) bilingual teaching demonstration courses, the Ministry of Education (National) bilingual teaching demonstration courses 2, the Ministry of Education (national) teaching team 1, Guangdong Province, four famous brand (electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, clinical medicine, business administration), Guangdong Province, two major professional (clinical medicine, civil engineering) , Set up seven years of the master of the clinical college students, formed from undergraduate to doctoral students complete personnel training system.

The school has built a number of scientific research institutions that can carry out basic scientific research and directly serve the local economic construction. There are key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, Key Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology, Key Laboratory of Digital Signal and Image Processing Technology, Key Laboratory of Infectious Diseases and Molecular Immunopathology, Key Laboratory of Structure and Wind Tunnel, Local Government Development Research Institute, Guangdong and Taiwan Enterprise Cooperation Research Institute. The library is fully computerized and dedicated to building a modern digital library. Existing books 1.5579 million, the amount of digital resources up to 1442254GB, of which e-books 46091GB. School campus network was founded in 1990, after 211 project construction of special input, the current campus network has been extended to every building in the school, students can directly from the hostel on the Internet. Medical College has five affiliated hospitals and three managed hospitals, there are 5523 beds, of which the first affiliated hospital was awarded the “National PARKnSHOP Hospital” and “three first class” hospital for medical students to provide good medical practice opportunities. The teaching and research laboratory equipment of the whole school ranks the advanced level of domestic colleges and universities.

Li Ka-shing Foundation’s support, the school actively expand academic exchanges and cooperation, the international level of education has been rapidly improved. The school has established close academic exchanges and cooperation with 56 universities in 16 countries and regions such as Britain, the United States, Canada and Ireland, and has formulated and implemented undergraduate and postgraduate exchange programs. In December 2016, the Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology (GTIIT), co-founded by Shantou University and Israel Polytechnic Institute, was formally approved by the Ministry of Education.

The school revolves around the goal of “thinking, knowledge, constant and promising”, insisting on student-oriented reform of university management system and talent training mode, and planning to carry out the most forward-looking life in the newly built medical school Science teaching course. Since 2001, with the support of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, the school has launched an international-oriented reform project, with foreigners serving as principals and deans in the course of curriculum, teaching, resource management and personnel system. With the exemplary significance of the all-round education reform to explore, many reform experience has been affirmed by the state, support and promotion, was Comrade Li Lanqing highly praised as “China’s reform of the experimental field.” Since 2009, Shantou University to build an advanced undergraduate education system as the core, and actively explore innovative internationalization, fine undergraduate talent training model, to promote independent reform pilot process.

In 2012, the Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province, Li Ka Shing Foundation decided to build Shantou University tripartite, Shantou University to continue to deepen the reform, into a domestic advanced, internationally renowned high-level university. In 2015, Shantou will carry out the reform of the system of “four homes and two departments” and reorganize the functions of party and government departments, and actively explore the construction of the service as the core concept, institutional function integration, mechanism and efficient school management system and operational mechanism.

The Tenth Institute of Shantou University consists of 24 directors, a compulsory legal adviser, a compulsory financial adviser and two special advisors. Mr. Li Ka-shing as honorary chairman. The directors are held by the people who are related to the actual work of Shantou University and the famous people in the fields of academic, education, medical care and science and technology. Consultants by the Shantou University to build a practical contribution to the well-known people at home and abroad.
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