Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University

Fudan University Shanghai Medical College (Shanghai Medical University ) was founded in 1927 , was founded as the fourth National Sun Yat-sen University School of Medicine, the Chinese people founded the first national university medical school, Yan Fuqing as the first president.

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In 1932 , independent of the National Shanghai Medical College, was the only national medical school in China. In 1939 , due to the outbreak of the war moved to Kunming, Yunnan. In 1940 , moved to Sichuan, Chongqing. In 1946 , the victory of the war, moved back to Shanghai. In 1952 , changed its name to “Shanghai First Medical College”. In 1959 , was designated as one of the 16 key institutions of higher learning. In 1985 , changed its name to “Shanghai Medical University”. In 2000 , Shanghai Medical University and Fudan University merged to form a new Fudan University. In 2012 , the new Shanghai Medical College was established as the dispatched office of the party and government of Fudan University, according to the authorization of the school, in the big mouth of the personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction, development planning, resource allocation, foreign exchange, etc. Relatively independent administrative rights.

There are 9 undergraduate programs : clinical medicine (eight years), clinical medicine (five years), clinical medicine (six years), basic medicine, forensic medicine, preventive medicine, public utilities management, pharmacy, nursing, vocational Professional 1 : care. There are 9 first-level disciplines ( 6 medical categories, 3 non-medical categories ), 8 postdoctoral research stations : biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine, Chinese and western medicine Combination, pharmacy, public administration (medical), nursing. There are 2 071 doctoral students, 2 465 postgraduates, 3 415 ordinary undergraduates, 625 college students, totaling 8 576 people. Chinese Academy of Sciences 4 , 5 Chinese Academy of Engineering , Ministry of Education, “Changjiang Scholars Program” Distinguished Professor 23 , Professor 9 , and three young scholars of the Yangtze River . “National Key Basic Research and Development Program (including major scientific research program)” project chief scientist 17 people, led the Ministry of Science and Technology 2016 annual thirteen five key research and development projects.

biology, basic medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, two subjects national key disciplines 12 : internal medicine (cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, infectious diseases), pediatrics, neurology, imaging medicine and Nuclear medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, epidemiology and health statistics, pharmacy, social medicine and health management; a national clinical medical research center 1 : , A national key laboratories 1 : medical neurobiology, the Ministry of education key laboratory 5 : medical molecular virology, metabolic molecular medicine, intelligent delivery medicine, public health security, cancer and invasion of the principle of the Health Commission (Health Department of Key Laboratory 9 : sugar complex, antibiotic clinical pharmacology, hand function reconstruction, health technology assessment, medical molecular virology, auditory medicine, myopia, viral heart disease, neonatal disease, Shanghai Key Laboratory 8 : Peripheral nerve microsurgery, medical image processing and computer-aided technology, organ transplantation, female reproductive endocrine-related diseases, Feel the damage and reconstruction, breast cancer, birth defects prevention, elderly clinical medicine.

Shanghai Medical College has entered the construction phase of the campus renovation and expansion project, has started the construction of a medical research building, the second medical research building, Student College, medical library, integrated swimming pool and underground parking garage.

Campus Address:  138 School of Medical College, Shanghai

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