Hubei University of Medicine

Hubei University of Medicine is established in 1965. This university is also known as Wuhan Medical College, Yunyang Branch, Yunyang Medical College of Tongji Medical University and Yunyang Medical College. This University offer’s 5 year course.

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Hubei Medical College is located in the combination of China and the West – Shiyan City, Hubei Province, Hubei, Henan and Henan is adjacent to more than 2600 million population distribution area, and Hubei Province, the only independent set of national general medical institutions.

The school was founded in 1965 and began in 1977 undergraduate education. 1994 was officially included in the national college sequence, known as Yunyang Medical College. In 1995 began joint training of graduate students. In 1996 the first one by one through the national college undergraduate qualified assessment. 2006 to accept the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching evaluation and get excellent conclusions. 2010 approved by the Ministry of Education, the school changed its name to Hubei Medical College. In 2013 by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee approved as a master’s degree grant unit. After 40 years of construction and development, the school has become Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi, Chongqing and other provinces (cities) with the Department of important medical personnel training base. In 2015, the school won the national civilized units.

At present, the school covers an area of ​​1546 acres; school area of ​​31.12 million square meters, of which teaching administrative room 14.11 million square meters; fixed assets 1.385 billion yuan, teaching and research equipment worth 260 million yuan (excluding affiliated hospitals). “Journal of Hubei Medical College” by the United States “Chemical Abstracts” included, for domestic and international public offering. We have the largest medical library of Chinese and western founding, and the library is 942,400, with CD retrieval system. Campus network covering the whole school, is the only northwest Hubei China Education and Research Network City node.

Schools adhere to the concept of open school, with domestic and foreign medical institutions and scientific research institutes to maintain close cooperation and exchanges. Successively in the backbone of the discipline and master’s degree, including the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology Award Professor Ferid • Murad, the US Academy of Sciences, Professor Qian Xu, including 55 domestic and foreign scholars as a visiting professor, academic leaders and academic backbone, respectively Hired Professor Violeta Lopez from the National University of Singapore, and Professor Hu Ming of the University of Houston as the Foreign Minister of the Faculty of Nursing and Pharmacy. He often invited famous experts and scholars at home and abroad to engage in academic exchange activities.

Campus Address: 30 South People’s Street, Shiyan, Hubei 442000 China.

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