Hubei Polytechnic University School of Medicine

Hubei Polytechnic University School of Medicine is established in 1977.Hubei Polytechnic University (HBPU), located in Huangshi City Hubei Province, the cradle of national industry in modernChina, is a newly-built local university with rapid development focusing on cultivating application-oriented talents, featured by engineering. Founded in 1975, HBPU began to run undergraduate programs first in the year of 1977. Different names have been used through our development, such as Hubei Provincial Polytechnic School, Huangshi Branch of Wuhan Institute of Technology (now Wuhan University of Technology),Huangshi Polytechnic College.

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In 2004, the university was renamed to Huangshi Institute of Technology, and we were in the first group to pass the Undergraduate Programs Evaluation sponsored by the Ministry of Education in 2010. In 2011, the university’s name was renamed as Hubei Polytechnic University. In 2014, Hubei Government designated HBPU as one of the first development-pilot universities in terms of reforming and transformation.  HBPU is the first one receiving the national evaluation of undergraduate teaching quality launched by the Ministry of Education.

With an area of 1460000 square meters and building area of 665000 square meters, HBPU has a library of 1.09 million books, 18 digital database (including 2.2595 million e-books). HBPU now owns teaching and scientific research equipment with a total value of 169 million RMB. Up to September 2016, HBPU has 13416 full time undergraduate students, 2706 junior college students, 35 international students and 12022 adult education students.

HBPU has a teaching faculty of 1001 teachers, including 100 professors, 349 associate professors, 171 doctor’s degree holders and 541 master’s degree holders, 58 part-time doctoral and postgraduate supervisors. We have 2 scholars accredited with the 100 talents Project for Innovation, 4 State Council allowance experts, 9 Provincial government allowance experts, 6 Distinguished Young Scholars and 4 Hubei High-level Talents experts of the New Century. HBPU has also employed 2 well-known academicians and over 30 influential scholars from home and abroad as guest professors here. Each year, we have a number of international teachers and foreign experts teaching at HBPU.

Campus Address: 16 North Guilin Road, Huangshi City, Hubei 435000 China

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