Heze Medical College

Heze Medical College is located in the Chinese capital of peony – Heze City, Shandong Province, is a full-time ordinary provincial College, under the Shandong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, to accept the management and guidance of the provincial education department. Its predecessor was established in 1950, the provincial health school, in 1958 by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government approved the establishment of Heze area medical college, in 1962 changed to Shandong Province Heze area health school, in 1971 to restore the Heze area of ​​Shandong Province medical college, 1972 to Shandong Province Heze area health school. In 1978 the State Council approved recovery specialist recruitment, officially named ” Heze Medical College ” .

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In the history of more than sixty years of school, the school adhering to the ” hanging pot of the world, assiduous ” school motto, for the community to develop all kinds of medical, health and technical personnel more than 70,000 people, for the province of Shandong Province and the national medical and health undertakings made due contributions The

At present, the school ordinary full-time students in 13000 people, covers an area of ​​708,100 square meters, the school building area of ​​304,400 square meters. The total value of fixed assets of more than 700 million yuan, of which the total cost of teaching equipment 75,404,500 yuan, 673,300 copies of library books, more than 3400 kinds of electronic journals.

School teachers are strong, with a noble morality, business skills, experienced teachers. There are 557 full-time teachers, including professors, 160 associate professors, master’s degree and above 236 people; Shandong province teaching teacher, provincial excellent teachers 12, master graduate teachers 12 people; with clinical medicine, pharmacy 2 The provincial teaching team; the school and the Peking University School of Medicine to establish a good inter-school cooperation, and employ more than Peking University experts for part-time professor, and Qingdao University School of Medicine has a joint training master graduate classes. Perennial hire the United States , Britain and other countries to teach the school to teach .

Campus Address: Heze City, Shandong Province, Peony District University.

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