Guangzhou University

Guangzhou University is a comprehensive university, named after Guangzhou, an important central city in China. It was established in 2000 and has a tradition of running for nearly 90 years. The school is based on the advantages of the Pearl River Delta area, strengthen the mission and commitment of the University, determined to reform, forge ahead, the cause of the development by leaps and bounds, to become a rapid development, full of vitality of the University of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou high – . Guangzhou University is to the domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-level university forward.

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The school has two university campuses, Guihua Gang Campus, the total area of ​​1880 acres of the campus, has a wealth of teaching resources and better scientific research facilities. There are 33833 full-time students, including 2798 postgraduates and 122 doctoral students. There are 87 bachelor’s degree programs, covering 10 disciplines and 3 post-doctoral research flows. The school has a large number of students, Station, three first-level disciplines doctoral degree authorization, 26 first-level discipline master’s degree authorization, nine professional master degrees. The school currently has 2574 teaching and administrative staff, including 1580 teaching and research personnel, 1026 persons with a title higher than the vice, and 51% of the doctors. Has three members of the Academy of Sciences, the other to “thousands of plans”, the national Jie-ching, represented by a high-level personnel, to undertake a number of 973 projects, 863 projects, Humanities and Social Sciences major projects, the National Natural Science Fund Project National Social Science Fund Project.
The school aims to cultivate talents with creativity, creativity and entrepreneurship. It combines ideological and political education with innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talent cultivation. Cultivate a group of entrepreneurial team. With Guangzhou Ballet, Guangzhou Song and Dance Troupe and other high-level arts groups and a number of high-tech culture, students are willing to participate in student associations and cultural brand projects. Successively with 30 countries or regions, more than 200 universities and research institutes to establish education and scientific and technological cooperation relations, in 2002 founded the country’s first Sino-French Institute of Tourism; has with the University of Padova, Italy, Wesleyan College and the United States Iran Ma Zandran University established the Confucius Institute. And Tamkang University, Padua University, Linkoping University and other well-known universities to establish research platforms and institutions, to carry out cooperative education and cooperative research.
Schools adhere to the depth of the development of education into the national central city of Guangzhou, the process of building services, economic and social development ability and level of significantly improved. Since 2004, the school has undertaken a total of more than 5200 projects of social services; school funding totaled more than 1.2 billion yuan, of which 2015 projects 867.

Campus Address: No. 230, Outer Ring Road, University Town, Guangzhou, 510006

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