Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University

Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine is located in the “Chinese Greentown” reputation as the capital of Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is China’s five ethnic autonomous regions in the only independent institutions of higher institutions of Chinese medicine. The school was founded in 1956, its predecessor for the 1934 establishment of the Guangxi provincial Nanning Institute of Medicine. 1970 Nanning Medical College merged to form a new Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1976 began to recruit students, in 1978 the official training of graduate students, is China’s first batch of postgraduate education in one of the institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, since 1996 has 8 domestic universities and joint training doctoral students.

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In 2003 the Ministry of education evaluation of undergraduate teaching “excellent”, in 2009 with the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine jointly set up post-doctoral research mobile workstations; 2012 3 menstrual approved by the Ministry of Education officially changed its name to Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; 2013 September overall move to the immortal In December 2015 the school into the “province to build” the ranks of colleges and universities, the school ushered in a new development opportunity!

The school is a traditional Chinese medicine, medicine, science, engineering, management and other disciplines coordinated development, with distinct traditional Chinese medicine, national medicine characteristics, close integration of production and research, foreign exchange and cooperation advantages of modern medicine university, is Guangxi was the first country to obtain the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching level assessment conclusion for the excellent university, is also the national central and western universities in the basic capacity construction project colleges and universities.

The school has Xianhu, Mingxiu two campuses, the total area of ​​1410.94 acres. The school now has 13,001 full-time students. There are 14 colleges and 3 teaching departments. The school has 14 key disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 key disciplines of Chinese medicine, 10 national key clinical specialties and 9 key specialties of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 4, Guangxi University 6 key disciplines. There are five disciplines of a master’s degree authorization disciplines, two subjects of master’s degree in 43 disciplines authorized for the autonomous region, Dr. authorized construction unit, a doctoral authorized construction disciplines 5. A national experimental teaching demonstration center 1, national university students outside practice education base 1, the provincial personnel training mode innovation experimental area 1, the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center 5, the provincial teaching team 4, and the provincial boutique Course 14. It has one Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Science Experiment Center, one Sino-Thai Traditional Medicine Research Laboratory, one first “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” in Guangxi, two Construction Base of “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” in Guangxi, to build a total of three scientific and technological innovation platform.

The school has 5,999 teachers and staff (of which 958 schools, affiliated units of 5041 people), teachers in doctoral tutor 24, 622 master tutor, the State Council special allowance of 16 experts, the Ministry of education, “the new century talents Guangxi 7 experts, Guangxi 3 experts, Guangxi Bangui 2 scholars, Guangxi “Bangui teacher” 2 people, Guangxi University “teaching”, “Guangxi Academy of Fine Arts” 4 “, Guangxi University outstanding scholar 2, the provincial innovation team 7, has the name of the old Chinese medicine 25 people, Guangxi” Guipai Chinese master “17 people, Guangxi old Chinese medicine 18 people. The Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching guidance committee of 4 people.

School of Chinese medicine, Zhuang Yao medicine research as the focus, to strengthen scientific research and innovation base and platform for the construction of scientific and technological innovation, teachers actively carry out research activities, industry, academia, research, medicine closely, Guangxi medicine hundred billion industry to provide strong science and technology And intellectual support, and promote the local economic and social development in Guangxi. In the past three years, the school has won the first prize of national science and technology awards 2, 5 second prize, third prize 2; Guangxi Science and Technology Award 1; Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award 8 second prize, Five prize; Guangxi Science and Technology Invention Award three prize 1; Guangxi Social Science Achievement Award three prize three. “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the school won the first prize of the autonomous region teaching achievement award 3, second prize 2, third prize 10; Guangxi University excellent teaching material award 7; national multimedia courseware contest first prize 3, two Five awards, three prize 1; Guangxi Higher Education Teaching Software Application Competition 11, second prize 10, third prize 12.

The school has a number of national clinical pharmacology base, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine research three laboratories, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine key research room, autonomous region Golden Resources unit, autonomous region key laboratory, collaborative innovation center, Construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Science Experimental Center is the nation’s largest national medicine innovation sharing platform. Professor Wei Guikang’s “spine-related diseases and cervical hypertension theory”, Professor Deng Jiagang’s “theory of chemical medicine”, Professor Liu Lihong’s “thinking of traditional Chinese medicine” and Professor Tang Nong’s “Yin and Yang theory of Chinese medicine ontology” Has a broad impact. The school is still active in Chinese medicine “Fuyang School”, “eight Gui school”, “Huang Zhuang medicine acupuncture”, “local school” and other academic schools, forming a hundred schools of thought, blossom academic atmosphere.

There are 14 affiliated hospitals (including 3 directly affiliated hospitals and 11 local affiliated hospitals), one is attached to TCM schools, and one is a school-run pharmaceutical factory. The school has strong overall strength, and is well known for its traditional Chinese medicine and national medicine. There are a number of industry and research in the country have a certain influence on the production base and distribution of Beijing, Tianjin and other provinces 129 relatively stable teaching practice base.

First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi is the largest integrated provincial Chinese medicine hospitals, the State Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Quality Monitoring Center in Guangxi Center, the National Chinese Medicine Hospital of Chinese medicine culture construction pilot units. Hospital and 59 cities, county hospitals, ethnic hospitals in Guangxi to build the largest network of Chinese medicine technology help network platform. Investment holding the establishment of the yuan and the source of health industry in Guangxi limited Liability Company. Affiliated Ruikang Hospital is the largest in the province of Integrative Medicine Hospital, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine international exchange and cooperation base, but also urban community health service technical guidance center. The hospital has the southwest region and even the most advanced tumor treatment equipment – radio wave knife, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of tumors reached the world advanced level. First Affiliated Hospital and affiliated Ruikang Hospital, the total number of 3438 beds. Guangxi International Zhuang Zhuang Hospital (Guangxi Zhuang Hospital of International Medicine) is the 60th anniversary of the founding of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, one of the major livelihood projects, the hospital is located in the beautiful scenery of Nanning City, as the new five-elephant lake, in 2016 July 28 Day to start construction, will be completed in October 2018 put into use.

Pharmaceutical factory in Guangxi is the largest school-run enterprises. Well-known brands, “a hundred years of music,” the national reputation. “Hundred years of music” card Fufang Fu mixture was designated as China – ASEAN Expo health products.

Guangxi Zhuangyang City Apartments is the largest and most complete apartments in Guangxi. It is a national model unit for the aged socialization, a national model pension institution and a national best-care institution for the aged. “.

The school makes full use of its own characteristics and advantages of running a school and actively promotes the internationalization of running schools. It conducts comprehensive exchanges and cooperation in medicine, medicine, health care, personnel training and scientific research and development, etc., and has prominent advantages in exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN and Hong Kong, International reputation is increasing, bone injury practices, Zhuang medicine point moxibustion features such as diagnosis and treatment technology to attract a large number of overseas students to study, training, the school has with the United States, Germany, Canada, more than 20 countries 69 universities or institutions to establish exchange Visits, training and cooperative relations, signed 95 cooperation agreements. Since 1993, it has hosted and hosted 39 international academic conferences, which played an important role in promoting the internationalization of Chinese medicine, strengthening cultural exchanges and serving the national strategy.

Schools adhere to the “Hony self-reliance, heritage innovation,” the spirit of the school motto, and comprehensively enhance the school’s core competitiveness and school level. School orientation: “based in Guangxi, facing the country, radiation ASEAN, to the world, the school building into a traditional Chinese medicine subject as the main body, medicine, science, engineering, management compatibility, outstanding combination of national characteristics, humanistic spirit Noble and well-known, regional first-class comprehensive university of Chinese medicine, a comprehensive high quality, innovation and entrepreneurial ability of the application of traditional Chinese medicine and other talents of ethnic talents and an important base for compound Yao Zhuang and other national medical research innovation and Its cultural transmission center, to promote the development of regional medical and health industry, the main force. ”

Campus Address: 179 Mingxiudong Road, Nanning Guangxi 530001 China.

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