Wannan Medical College

Wannan Medical College is located in the famous “Yangtze River giant port, Anhui backbone,” said the historic city – Wuhu City, the brink of the vast Yangtze River, brought together Jiangnan show. The school was built in 1958, when the Wuhu Medical College; in 1971 incorporated into the Anhui Medical College, Anhui Medical College in southern Anhui branch, in 1974 by the State Council approved the independent school, named Wannan Medical College, 1981 school won the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council Bachelor degree and master’s degree grant, 1998 one-time through the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching work qualified evaluation, 2008 through the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching level assessment and excellent level.

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The existing school silver lake campus, Riverside campus, ocher camp campus three campuses, covering more than 700 acres, all kinds of buildings 350,000 square meters. Among them the new campus on the verge of the Yangtze River, surrounded by green water, complete facilities, beautiful environment, Huizhou architectural style and modern flavor complement each other, but also the main campus of our school. Undergraduate education with clinical medicine, forensic medicine, oral medicine, anesthesiology, imaging medicine, pharmacy and other 22 professional, nursing, pharmacy 2 specialist professional, involving medicine, science, engineering, management, by the law of six disciplines; Biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine and other three master’s degree authorization, including physiology, neurobiology, pathogen biology, pathology and pathophysiology, forensic science, internal medicine, neurology, imaging medicine and nuclear medicine, Surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, anesthesiology, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, pharmacology and applied psychology and other 31 secondary disciplines, covering basic medicine and clinical medicine disciplines.

7 million people, including 15,302 undergraduate, specialist 1366 people, 666 graduate students, more than 9,000 adult students. The existing staff of health care workers is 3954 people, including 560 senior titles. In recent years, there have been seven teachers were awarded the national, the province’s outstanding teachers, the province’s exemplary teacher’s glorious title, 41 people enjoy the special government allowances, one selected for the Ministry of Education excellent Talent Support Program, 2 people for the provincial college top-notch talent, 5 provincial and academic leaders and academic leaders, 16 people for the provincial academic and technical leaders reserve candidates, 9 for the provincial youth academic leaders to cultivate the object, 11 people for the province of outstanding young backbone teacher.

Campus Address: No.22 Wenchang West Road, Higher Education Zone, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China

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