Shihezi University

Shihezi University is a national “211 project” key construction of colleges and universities and national western key construction colleges and universities, is now the Ministry of Education and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to build, is the “central and western colleges and universities to enhance the comprehensive strength of the project” (a province and one school) selected universities.

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The school was born in September 1949, the liberation of the People’s Liberation Army in Xinjiang on the way, in April 1996 by the Ministry of Agriculture subordinate Shihezi Agricultural College, Shihezi Medical College, Corps Teachers College and Corps economic college merged to form.

The school always adhere to the “based on the Corps, the service of Xinjiang, facing the country, radiation Central Asia,” the school positioning, adhere to the “service for the purpose of contributing to the development of” school philosophy, adhere to the “spirit of the Corps training, Of the characteristics of running a school, as the cultivation of frontier, the construction of an important force frontier.

School of the existing economy, law, education, culture, history, science, industry, agriculture, medicine, management, art and other 11 major disciplines. There are five first-level disciplines of doctoral degree authorization, covering 25 secondary disciplines doctoral degree authorization; 23 first-level discipline master’s degree authorization, 143 related secondary disciplines master’s degree authorization; 13 kinds of master’s degree authorization category , 86 undergraduate majors, 3 postdoctoral mobile stations (research workstations). The existing national key disciplines 1 and the national key (nurturing) a discipline, the provincial key disciplines 14. There are 3 national teaching teams, 1 teaching teacher, 4 national professional courses, 5 specialties, 1 demonstration teaching demonstration center, 1 bilingual teaching demonstration course, 3 bilingual video open courses, 3 national level Boutique resource sharing class 2, national college students innovation and entrepreneurship training program item 491 item. The school has a national college students cultural quality education base, off-campus practice education base, is the Ministry of education excellence (doctors, engineers, agriculture and forestry talent) education and training project pilot colleges and universities.

The school has a good teaching and research conditions. Campus area of ​​1.82 million square meters, the school area of ​​1,169,700 square meters, the laboratory area of ​​180,000 square meters, green coverage of 41%. With a well-equipped library, gymnasium, swimming pool, track and field museum, standard stadium, halls, comprehensive teaching building and a number of landmarks, there are four affiliated hospitals. School in 2011 was named “national civilized unit”.

The school for the 31 provinces (cities, districts) enrollment, the existing 41,475 students, including 22146 undergraduate students, general college students 1118 people, 392 national defense students, master, doctoral students 3492 people. The employment rate for undergraduates has remained above 90% for many years. In recent years, the school has won the “national college graduates employment advanced collective”, “national graduates employment typical experience 50 colleges” and the honorary title.

Schools actively expand inter-school, school, school-enterprise exchanges and cooperation. Since 2001, Peking University has long adhered to counterpart support Shihezi University; in 2010, Peking University as the head of the unit, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University as deputy head of units, Chongqing University, Jiangnan University, foreign economy Trade University, Nanjing Normal University, South China Agricultural University as a member of the university team support counterparts Shihezi University. The school has with Zhejiang University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology, and so on more than 30 domestic colleges and universities signed an inter-school cooperation agreement; and eight division Shihezi City, 14 division Kunshan City, Manasi County, Shawan County, , Autonomous regions and more than 30 units signed a school cooperation agreement; and Xinjiang Tianye, Xinjiang Tianfu, Tianshan Aluminum, Xinjiang western animal husbandry, more than 20 enterprises to establish a school-enterprise cooperation.

Riding on the revitalization of the Midwest colleges and the Xinjiang Corps to deepen the reform of the spring, Shihezi University is moving in the construction of “advanced western, Central Asia first-class, internationally renowned characteristics, high-level university” goal.

Campus Address: North Fourth Road, Shihezi City, Xinjiang

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