Shaoyang Medical College

Shaoyang Medical College was founded in September 1950, Hunan Province is one of the earliest secondary health professional schools, Hunan Province is now the first 1,600 scale health schools. The school is located in the ancient city of Shaoyang city center, Baoqing West Road and West Lake Road Interchange, 320 State Road along the school from east to west, the traffic is very convenient. Campus tree-lined, evergreen, rockery spray pool, garden pavilions, the environment comfortable and elegant, was awarded the municipal garden-style units.

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In October 15, 2015, Shaoyang Medical College merged into Shaoyang College. The school has 475 full-time teachers. Full-time teachers with more than 2500 titles (including 27 professors), accounting for 52.84%. Master degree or above 151 teachers, accounting for 31.79%. In recent years, the school attaches importance to the construction of teachers, highlighting the characteristics of professional school, and actively carry out school-enterprise cooperation, and continuously improve the quality of personnel training. The overall employment rate of the graduates was 96.73%, 97.46% and 96.63% respectively.

Over the past five years, the school teacher editor and associate editor of 102, presided over the provincial and ministerial level research topics 207, provincial education reform topics 55, published more than 860 papers, including SCI papers 11, won the provincial and municipal awards 38 items.

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