Quanzhou Medical College

Quanzhou Medical College, located in the East Asian cultural capital, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, historical and cultural city of Quanzhou City Luoyang River, is a full-time national model (backbone) medical and health vocational colleges . In the course of more than 80 years of running school, the school gradually formed a “quality legislation school, talent strong school, characteristics Xing school, scientific research school” school philosophy, condensed the “sincere Hui Shi” school motto, for social training, transportation the 4 Wanduo were large, secondary professional and practical health and technical personnel.

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The school was founded in 1934 , the first name Hui Shi senior nursing school. Changed its name in 1986 to Quanzhou health school. 2004 Nian 5 menstrual approved by the Ministry of Education was upgraded to Quanzhou Medical College; 2008 Talent level of the Ministry of Education vocational colleges assess won an Outstanding grade; 2009 was identified as the demonstration vocational colleges in Fujian Province; 2014 Nian Through the national backbone of higher vocational colleges project acceptance, become the country’s third national model (backbone) medical and health vocational colleges, Fujian Province, the only one national model (backbone) medical and health vocational colleges ;  2016 in was established as the “Fujian exemplary modern vocational schools construction project” 9 Suo A one of the universities to cultivate projects.

The school has Luojiang, Qingyuan, North Gate Street and other three campuses, covers an area of 490.18 acres, construction area of 203797.26 square meters . Training Bases total area of 58620.11 Pingfang Mi , teaching and research equipment worth 7750.33 million, the total collection of books 51.85 million. Has seven affiliated hospitals and distributed throughout the province of teaching practice hospitals, internship drug companies a total of 207 . The existing staff of 512 people, 345 full-time teachers , of which more than 117 titles , enjoy the State Council special allowance 1 , provincial college teaching teacher 2 . “Double teacher” teachers accounted for 70.12% of the total number of professional teachers .

The school has a School of Clinical Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of prevention inspection, Stomatology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Department of Public Social Sciences, School of Continuing Education, the Institute of vocational development, research and information center and library 11 teaching religion Auxiliary department, center. Professional management, clinical medicine, oral medicine, Chinese medicine, rehabilitation therapy, acupuncture and massage, medical imaging technology, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmaceutical production technology, drug management and management, drug quality and safety, public health management , Medical testing technology, health inspection and quarantine technology 16 professional. For the national enrollment, arts and technology income, there are 7775 full-time college students . Adult education, clinical medicine, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical testing technology, medical imaging technology, public health management, medical marketing, rehabilitation technology and other nine professional, and Fujian Medical University, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly organized nursing, Pharmacy, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and other four undergraduate professional, in the school correspondence students 2168 people.

Facing the future, the school will push forward the construction of exemplary modern vocational colleges , take the connotation of the development of the road, with a pragmatic style and the spirit of the fight will win, Quanzhou Medical College to build “Haixi first-class, well-known” Medical and health vocational colleges.

Campus Address: No.2 Anji Road, Luojiang District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

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