Jinan University

Founded in 1906, Jinan University is the first institution to initiate education of Overseas Chinese. It is one of China’s “One Hundred Key Universities”, directly under Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. There are 27 colleges, 61 departments, 188 research institutions and 77 laboratories within this University. Comprehensive academic disciplines, teaching excellence and constantly improving schooling make Jinan University attractive to students at home and abroad. Up to February 2015, there are 47,518 students, 9,310 of which are full-time master and doctoral students, 22,159 of which are full-time undergraduates and 11,774 of which are Overseas Chinese students, foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Jinan University offers scholarships for excellent international students, including Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship and Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship, etc.

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This program ensures that Overseas students can meet the requirements of their own home governments. The School’s main research directions lie in the study of Fever, Neuroscience, Hematology, Cancer, Damage Prevention and Control, Basic and Clinical Study of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, among others. This research drives the development of other related disciplines.

Jinan University International School is a college which provides programs taught exclusively in English. The School was established to cater to the escalating needs of Overseas Chinese and foreign students and selected high-caliber students from China. It is dedicated to the cultivation of talented youth who can adapt to an international environment. The textbooks for all the programs are original English editions, allowing the curriculum and administration to meet international standards. The School is under the unified coordination of the University and is jointly run by with the University’s professional colleges and departments.

Jinan University has a key research base of national humanity & social sciences, a teaching & research base for Chinese language & literature of the Education Ministry, a base for national university cultural quality education, a base of national base for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, an educational base for overseas Chinese education of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and a key research base of humanity & social science of Guangdong Province.

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