Chuxiong Medical College

Chuxiong Medical College is Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture People’s Government, the provincial state co-management of the College. Schools adhere to the “people-oriented, re-quality, Sudden characteristics, a brand” concept of running a school. Carrying out the motto of “pharmacy and testing specialty backbone to support the development of schools”, adhering to the motto of “inspirational and honest, sincere and sincere”, carry forward the school spirit of “far-reaching diligent, prosperous and prosperous”; Teaching style, advocate “modesty, studious, diligent” style of study. 60 years since the founding of Yunnan Province for the training of all types of medical and health personnel nearly 20,000 people.

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The school has 251 faculty members, including 199 full-time teachers, 9 professors, 55 associate professors, 65 lecturers, 75 double-type teachers, 1 provincial teaching master, and 4 school teachers. The school for the 16 provinces and cities nationwide enrollment, the existing full-time college students 4579 people.

There are 6 departments and 1 drug research institute in the school, such as inspection department, pharmacy department, medical department, basic medicine department, public department and ideological and political theory class department. The school has medical examination technology, pharmacy, nursing, clinical medicine , Medical technology, medical examination technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, medical treatment technology, medical examination technology, medical technology, medical technology, medical biotechnology, public health management, drug analysis technology, drug operation and management Insurance practices, medical secretarial and other 15 professional and professional direction. In 2013, the Department of Oral Medicine, medical imaging technology, oral medical technology and other professional, to meet the provincial education department and the Ministry of education assessment. The central financial support to enhance professional services industry capacity building project 1, the provincial financial support to enhance the professional services industry capacity building project 1, the provincial demonstration practice training base 7, the provincial level 2 provincial-level teaching teams, 1 provincial-level excellent courses, 4 provincial excellent teaching materials, 5 provincial-level “12th Five-Year Plan” teaching materials. Extracurricular practice training base 133.

The school is located in the hometown of “human birthplace” and “treasure of ancient biology” in the heart of Chuxiong – convenient transportation, beautiful campus environment, excellent school conditions, the total area of ​​452.6 acres, the building area of ​​88,826 square meters, 58 laboratories, 65 multimedia classrooms, with a complete campus network system. Teaching and research equipment worth 23.06 million yuan, the collection of 260,000 books. The school has won the title of “National Advanced Unit of National Unity and Advancement”, “Civilized Unit of Yunnan Province”, “Civilized School of Yunnan Province”, “Advanced Collective of Vocational Education of Yunnan Province”, “Advanced Collective of Moral Education Work of Yunnan Province” Schools “such as honor and title. In 2010, the school passed the assessment of personnel training.

The school work in 2014 ideas and the main tasks are: to deepen the internal reform of the school to stimulate the development of motivation; full three wind construction, and create a good educational environment; deepen the reform of education and teaching to enhance the school content construction; strengthen team building, To improve the quality of teaching, to improve the overall quality of teachers; to promote logistics reform, and strive to improve the level of service; to strengthen student management, and maintain campus harmony and stability; effectively change the way of work, do a good job of enrollment and employment; strengthen practical teaching management, improve teaching practice; Optimize the professional construction structure; earnestly grasp the routine management work, to ensure the coordinated development of various undertakings.

At present, the school to the spirit of the party’s eighteen as the guide, in-depth implementation of “Chuxiong Medical College” second five “development plan”, and strive to become Chuxiong Medical College of Yunnan backbone model colleges.

Campus Address: Chuxiong, Yunnan, China.

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