Chengde Medical University

Chengde Medical University is established in 1956.  This university is also known as 4th Branch of Medical University of China (1948 – 1949), Rehe Medical College (1949 – 1956), Hebei Chengde Health School (1956 – 1958) Medical School (1958 – 1986), Hebei Chengde Medical School (1958 – 1982) and Chengde Medical College (1982 – 2011). This University offer’s 5 year course. It is located in Hebei.

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Formerly for undergraduates only, the university received authorization to grant master’s degrees in 2003. In addition to nursing, many other programs are offered, including psychology, biomedical engineering, and traditional Chinese medicine.

The university’s new campus was recently completed on the outskirts of downtown Chengde. It currently enrolls about 6000 students, the majority of which are female. Chengde Medical College is best known for its nursing program, and offers classes in both English and Chinese.

Chengde Medical College began recruiting foreign students in 2006. A number of students from outside China now attend the school, most coming from Pakistan.

The university attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. Cooperation has been established with universities from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia and Canada.

The university covers 1045,400 m², and its total building area is about 215,000 m². There is a Muslim dining hall on campus, as well as numerous other dining halls serving different types of food.

There are ten specialties for undergraduates, seven specialties for three years student. There are bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s degree programs and diploma programs. There are also international student education and continue education. The Clinical College & affiliated hospital undertakes the teaching of clinical medicine courses for 8 bachelor’s degree programs and 5 three-year programs. There are 980 clinical faculty members in the university hospital, including 260 professors and associate professors.

Campus Address: Shuang Qiao District Chengde, Hebei 067000 China

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