Changzhi Medical College

Changzhi Medical College is located in Changzhi City, which is known as the Red Capital and the City of Charming City. It is located at 161 Liberty Street, Changzhi City . It is a full-time general medical college directly under the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education. The school was founded in 1946 , is our party personally created one of the earliest medical colleges. 1948 to start the Peace Medical College, in 1958 converted into ” Jindongnan Medical College ” , in 1986 upgraded to undergraduate colleges, changed its name to Changzhi Medical College. In 1996 the first batch of the original State Education Commission undergraduate teaching work qualified assessment. In 2004 through the national Ministry of education undergraduate teaching level assessment. In 2011 by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee approved for the clinical master degree graduate student training pilot units. 2012 in the same kind of institutions in the country through the Ministry of education of clinical medicine certification. 2016 was included in the national support of the central and western basic capacity-building colleges and universities.

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The school after 70 years of construction and development , formed a medical and medical related professional as a leader, into medicine, engineering, management, science, education, literature, art as one of the multi-disciplinary mutual penetration, coordinated development of the school pattern and Set of graduate education, undergraduate education, vocational education, continuing education in one of the multi-level personnel training system. There are 20 teaching schools.

The school ( including two affiliated hospitals ) covers an area of 654.10 acres ( 321 acres of school headquarters ) , construction area of 395,200 square meters ( school principal 171,000 square meters ) , fixed assets reached 1.29 billion yuan ( school 350 million ) , Of which the value of teaching and research equipment 643 million yuan ( school headquarters of 92 million yuan ) . Collection of 1,073,000 , 1868 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals , with Wanfang data resources system, scholar digital library, biomedical foreign language information service system, the Chinese disease knowledge database and other 6 , e-books 2.8 million.

There are 2 directly affiliated hospitals , 9 non-affiliated hospitals , 60 teaching and learning hospitals, 20 teaching practice bases, and 30 other teaching bases to meet the needs of practical teaching.

The school has 2792 employees ( 893 people), 552 senior professional and technical personnel , 553 full-time teachers , 413 master’s degree teachers , 59 doctoral teachers, 281 senior teachers. The school of clinical medicine master’s degree graduate tutor 32 , outside school part-time doctorate, master graduate tutor 15 people, external part-time master tutor 50 . Internal teaching team for the national teaching team, pharmacology teaching team for the provincial excellent teaching team.

Address : Jiefang E St, Changzhi Shi, Shanxi Sheng, China

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