Anshan Normal University

Anshan Normal College is a full-time ordinary undergraduate normal colleges and universities, located in the world’s first jade Buddha, Asia famous hot springs, national attractions Qianshan, China’s gemstones and the motherland’s iron and steel capital of the excellent tourist city, the national health city – Anshan City, Liaoning Province.

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It is under the provincial government. The school was founded in 1958 as a teacher training centre but suspended all operations in 1962 at the dawn of the Chinese Cultural Revolution before it was restarted again in 1978. The campus covers an area of 731,600 square meters. There is a teaching staff of 1207 over various levels from Professor down to post graduate teachers.

School for nearly 60 years, the school adhering to the “liberal arts and on the   unity of knowledge and practice, ” the motto, adhere to the “education-oriented, quality legislation school, social services,” the school philosophy, unswervingly walk to improve the quality of the core content Development of the road, and constantly establish and improve the modern university system, the formation of a fine tradition of running schools for the country’s basic education, economic construction and social development of a large number of outstanding graduates, all over the motherland of the fronts.

The school has 3 campuses, covers an area of 75 square meters, teaching and research and administrative space area of 20 square meters. There are 14 secondary branch offices, 4 public teaching and research departments, and 1 affiliated middle school. 220 million yuan in fixed assets , teaching and research equipment value of 79 million yuan, 92 million copies of library books .

The school has a national model professional 1 , provincial demonstration specialties 1 Ge, restructuring and development of the provincial professional pilot 4 , a provincial teaching achievement award 16 particular; the Ministry of Education faculty committee focused on building courses, provincial quality courses, network resources courses 19 ; the Ministry of Education planning materials, provincial quality teaching materials 4 ; provincial college students practice teaching base, innovation and entrepreneurship practice base 2 .

Campus Address:43 Ping’an St, Tiedong Qu, Anshan Shi, Liaoning Sheng, China, 114007

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